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Xena is home!!!!

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Brought Xena home today.

Being that I don't have a whole lot of space in my apartment, I went against protocol in introducing new cats. I know...I know...

So far, things are going good. A little hissing and growling on Dakota's part, but nothing bad. Both have chased and given chase. Being that it's only been 30 min. I think...I hope...things are going to go rather smoothly. As soon as I get my digital camera back, I'll snap a couple photos.
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I am sure another cat will be cool! I am glad she's got a home. Good luck with her!!
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Good! It sounds like they don't feel threatened by each other.
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oh what wonderful news
I am so pleased to hear that you got to bring Xena home

I hope the introductions continue to go smoothly and looking forward to seeing some photos of the new addition
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Well, after about 6 hours, things are calm. They're not exactly snuggling, but there haven't been any violent outbreaks.

At first, Dakota was the "aggressor", hissing, growling, chasing. My how times have changed. Now it's Montana (I've changed Xena's name ) who is growling and hissing.

Montana knows where the litter box is, she's been in it, but I don't think she's done any business. She already drinking water, also good. She hasn't eaten yet, but being that it's only been several hours, I'm not overly concerned yet.

One thing that does get me, is that Dakota kind of "hides out" by the food and water. I've got 2 food dishes, but I think Dakota is "guarding" them at times in the kitchen, somes she'll wait around the corner by the water, while Montana drinks.

Overall though, I think things are going very well. In fact, I think the new comer is positioning herself as queen of the apartment.

By all means, feel free to throw in ideas about the food and water guarding. I have a feeling that this will pass. But I'd like to have a back up plan in place in case they don't.

Thanks guys.
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She's eating. The growling and hissing has pretty much subsided completely. I just found both of them on the window bed that i bought last week. Yay!
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