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New Jumpers!

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Today, Tibby and Molly got a new jumper each!! (Tibby also got a new stunning red leash and harness, to match his extender lead!!)

As the weather is getting a lot colder, they need these jumpers to keep them warm on the EXTREMELY windy balcony!!

Here is Tibby in an exquisite blue knitted jumper with cable detailing

By the door showing off his new harness and leash!! (plus their Santa toy from Pearly!! )

Now here is Molly displaying her red jumper with a cream striped detail around the neck and waist!

On the balcony, but keeping warm!!

and finally the final show! Tibby and Molly displaying their contrasting, yet matching outfits of blue and red!!
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Sarah they are just precious in those sweaters!!
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AWWW!!! Look at your sweet little models - they look fantastic in their sweaters! How great! Baylee's jealous - she wants a new sweater... oh wait, that's ME, she'd rather not! Thanks for posting those pictures - they're great!
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Aw great pics! They are just darling in their sweaters!
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Awww don't they look cute! . Your right Sarah they do need them with these cold winds weve had at the moment!
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I didn´t see this post Sarah!!!!, woaw what elegants and gorgeous your kitties!!!!!!
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Those are lovely!
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awwwwww, cuties!!!
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Aww they look adorable!!!
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