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Need some vibes please!

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Well, my boyfriend and I broke up. Big surprise. So I've been searching online for a roommate. Another option.. although I don't particulary like it.. would be a trailer. My grandma had offered to buy me one before. It's cheaper than an apt, I would own it and I wouldn't have to live with a stranger. I am going to ask her tonight if that would still be a possibility.

I am just trying to get out of here as soon as possible. It's very awkward still living with him. Why can't I just find a nice guy??

Well, I am off to my mom's to take my little brother out. (We don't see each other as much as we should and now that I'm not obligated to do anything with Mike I shall be seeing him lots more)

Please send vibes/board magic that I can find a place to stay soon!!

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Katie, I am sorry that you and Mike broke up, but from the sounds of it, you were expecting it. Maybe it is time for you to find that freedom? You will find a nice guy - someone you least expect and in the last situation you would expect!

I hope your Gran helps you with a trailer, it would be cool to have your own place!!

Sending }}}VIBES{{{ and your way from the three of us!!

Keep us updated on how things go and I wish you loads of luck!!
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Aww sorry to hear of your situation No break up is easy, but i agree about the trailer because you can have your own space then

Lots of luck coming to you!
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Sorry to hear about the breakup babe, but hey, just you think of the pick you've got!? There's every other man on the planet to choose from! Except mine Make the very most of the freedom you've got and hang in there, you won't have to put up with this guy for too long I don't think. Fingers crossed
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Best of luck finding a place to stay and sorry to hear about the breakup!
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that you find a place!
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Tons of good vibes headed your way Katie.....and I would definitely go with the could have a cute little place of your own...........
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Katie; Sending good vibes and super good wishes for you!!!!...
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sorry to hear about you two.
I'd personally go with the trailer too. that way you wouldn't have to worry about your cats and if the other person liked them, and if you two would get along etc. With the trailer you can decroate it the way you want to, you can let the cats run and do what they want to and noone can tell you otherwise, you can be yourself in otherwords. I hope everything works out for you.
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Nice Grandma!
I would take her up on the offer.
It sounds a lot better than the potential roommate problems.

Sorry about the break up but if he isn't a nice guy you are much better off without him.
There are lots of fish in the sea.....
don't you hate hearing that over and over!
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Thanks for the vibes. I called my nan and she's going to call tomorrow to see if anything is available. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

It's going to be weird living on my own. Probably lonely. lol
But I think this is the right thing to do. *sigh*
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Lucky you ! I am sorry about the break-up,but better now than getting married and divorcing. Good luck with the trailer, and now you'll have more room for cats!
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Good luck! I am sending many vibes for you!
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I'm sorry you are haveing a hard time of it your lucky to have such a loveing Nan I hope all works out on the trailer frount as for the man frount don't worry your mr right won't be to far away the best advice I can give on that frount is to date for a long long time before you move in with a guy get to know them really well first not garanteed to work but it sure dose help weed out some of the nastys Good luck I hope all works out for you
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We were together 2 1/2 years before we moved in together. It would have been 4 years in June.

Oh well! Live goes on....
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Seems to me as if you're doing exactly the right thing, Katie, in leaving this relationship. I can imagine it must feel quite uncomfortable now as you must continue living there until you find your own place. The trailor sounds like a great idea! How about mobile home, doesn't that sound better!
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sending lots of vibes your way! I hope it all works out quickly for you Katie!
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I thought a mobile home and a trailer were the same thing. Hopefully, I will know today whether or not anything is available. God, I hope so.

And, yes, it's very uncomfortable. I hope I'm not here too long. Although, I have to be here all Wednesday. I am finally getting the TV fixed. (Which is coming with me!!)
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Sorry about the break up - it is tough after such a long time. I agree with the trailer though - what a great Nan you have. You might be alone but you dont have to be lonely - the two are not interlinked. I thought a trailer and mobile home the same thing but maybe what is meant is one of those big mobile homes that look like a 'van'. Not the sort you hitch onto the back on a car, the sort you drive (does that make sense)???????????
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