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Happy Valentines Everyone

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Wishing everyone here and their furry family members a very Happy Valentines day.
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Thank you! You too!

Don't forget to check out the kitty Valentines!
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And a Happy Valentines Day to everyone here also. I just checked out your cards, very cute, I had to send a couple. This is a nice forum.
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AAhhhhhh! That postcard is adorable. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
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Aawwwwwwwww! I love those post cards! I just had to send out a bunch! How totally adorable! I wish I were a kitten!
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Does anyone have any great Valentine's tales to share?
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That little orange kitty in your post above, Anne, is adorable!!!! I wish I had one just like him! That's one color I don't yet have....I did have a short haired yellow kitten named Milo....but he disappeared.

I will have to send out some of your cards....even though it is after valentines day...better late than never. (That's my motto) LOL

As far as Valentines day went...well.....not the best Ive ever had, hubby and I were in a big fight so it wasn't very romantic....but I did have my little Merlin to curl up with when I went to sleep...and he was purring away in my ear, and made me feel very very loved.
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