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update on the move :D

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well i have missed out on so much already in the past few days of not being online!!

i finally booked my internet so i should be back online regulary from the 21st. jan onwards...
ohh its soo good to type on tcs right now
We are at my bfs step dads place and his sisters arent home so i can have the computer for a while tonight

When we left frankfurt on thursday teufel meowed and meowed so much in the car but he started to relax when i put my hand in the carrier. It took nearly two hours to get here with our heavy loaded car.

As for the house.
Its a 2 room appartment.
We have no kitchen!!!
the toilet was absolutely disgusting i couldnt clean it because i was going to throw up.
Apparently there was mould on the wall this is why they had been in there scraping the wall.
the woman next door has a key to our appartment because the fuse box is in our appartment.
the walls are so dirty.
We had to sleep on the floor.
lets just say we arent happy with the way they left it.

so what happened was that we went out and bought a new toilet seat, a dining room table, and a matris and a lamp.
Bens sister came over and she cleaned the whole bathroom then ben changed the toilet seat.
Im really scared of the house though it was built in 1903 and it still has the same walls.
Teufel gets really scared in the night time looking out in the kitchen/loungeroom which makes me freak. I think there is ghosts in the house.
He has already tried to escape twice.
WE plan to move into another house in about two months. i just cant live like this.
We cant really eat anything because we have no fridge and stove and its making me insane.
Actually now we dont even have any money to go back to frankfurt because the telephone company booked the money off my account. it costed so much because bf accidently ran it up by trying to use the internet and im just so sad

excuse my rant but im sort of missing my mum and having all the luxuries at home

So how are you alll????
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oh fwan, i am sorry to hear about your tough move. I hope things look up for you soon! We have missed you on TCS and it really good to see you back. keep us posted on how you and teufel settle into to your new place.
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Teufel is starting to look different.
he is actually really scared. it seems like he is flipping in and out of him self
we will have to take him back down to frankfurt though because we might stay there for 1 or 2 days ( i will not leave him here) and i really dont want to stress him by going back and up all the time.
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awwwwwwwww, give teufel some extra hugs from me and ebony. I am sorry to hear its been a tough adjustment for him. all the new sights and smells are probably stressing him. does he have any blanket or anything that might smell familar. Or maybe a piece of your clothing that might make him feel more at home? just a thought.
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Fwan, Teufel is probably just freaked out by the whole move, and will need a bit of time to adjust. Everything looks and smells different, and he's picking up your mood/stress. Once you get a fridge and stove, and the place repainted and halfway furnished, you might feel quite differently. Give yourselves a little time to adjust.
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I agree with everyone else about teufel being scared of the move-Did he have a favorite blanket to lay on before-how about laying down a sweater or towel that has your scent. And wow a place without a kitchen-can you use a hotplate? How are you going to eat???? Make sure you buy some bleach to prevent the mold from coming back-can you paint? I know here in the states paint stores sell an additive to put in paint to help prevent mold-maybe you can find it?? Good luck with the new adjustment.
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I understand what you're going through. Sooner or later you'll be comfortable in your living situation. Just take it one day at a time.... it'll work out.

My husband and I are getting used to living with his father. I don't like the area, but I'm glad that his father offered for us to stay with him. Kolohe and Koa has gotten adjusted. Although I know Koa misses the big backyard we used to have. I keep promising him that when we do get our own place he'll be able to play outside.

Sorry for rambling on, but I wish you the best. Take care!
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Fwan, sending you good vibes on your move. I know it is hard at first. Everything new and not up to your standards. Teufel will be more stressed if he senses your bad vibes. So relax and try to be strong and patient.
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Heya sweetie,

I know things look a bit low just now - but trust me, it's never easy when you start out completley new like this. My place was just as vile when I moved into it (but that was BECAUSE the bf had been living there for a week beforehand and he was just so bad at cleaning anything) but after a little while, a good scrub up and it doesn't look so bad. I hope you can find somewhere new, because that little apartment doesn't sound very pleasant at all so I've got my fingers crossed for you. You know if you need anything beb, all you have to do is let me know. This might sound kinda wierd, but I'm having a house clearance over the next few months and if there's something you need, I'll send it out to you It's not much, but if it'll help you get a better start then I'm more than happy to help. Things like bedlinen, pots and pans, that sort of thing - I'll let you know as soon as I get the house clearance up and running. Teufel sounds like he's not exactly the happiest kitty in the world right now, but I'm sure he's more than happy to have his mummy with him if he was left alone he'd be in a much worse state - most cats will try to escape after a move, that's just normal. He's a bit uneasy, just as you are, but he'll settle better when you're happier too. For now though, I wish you all the very best and I sincerely hope things pick up for you
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Fwan, I hope everything will work out for you soon! All the best.
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