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Cat's nose color

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I think someone may have asked something similar to this before, maybe even me (I am forgetful sometimes) but I was just wondering if a change in the color or wetness of a cats nose is normal? One of my cats sometimes has a wet pink nose and sometimes has a white dry nose. Does it depend on temperature? Is she cold or comfortable or hot and this effects her nose? I don't see anything else it could be related to. The color change is the weird thing. Or could she be sick? She appears to be perfectly fine. I have never had a problem with anything with her, so I don't know if I should worry or not.
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Hans has a pink base colour, and some mornings his nose, ears, and lips are a pale pink. Once he gets up and moving, it changes back to normal. I've always thought it was because he's an older cat, and he's stiff and not feeling very well when he wakes up and starts moving around. They always have dry noses when they feel well, though. I can always tell when Mer won't be feeling well during the day because he'll wake up with a moist nose and it will follow him through the day, but it rarely lasts more than 24 hours.
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If the nose, lips and gums are really pale then your Kitty needs to see a Vet because it could be Anemia. Other then that I have no idea
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