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Anyone have the free hotmail account?

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For anyone else who uses the free hotmail email accounts, I have a question. Recently they made some changes and my storage was upgraded to 250 MB, which is great. But ever since, every time I try to forward something it won't go through. It scans the attachments, says no viruses were found, but no one ever gets the email message - They get an email, but it's always blank. Anyone else having this problem?
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i don,t have that pros georgina have you contacted hot mail seems that is the only way to go dejavu
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I haven't had that problem either, but I am having problems with my MSN Messenger. Very annoying! I've switched almost completely over to Gmail rather than using my Hotmail.
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I have a Hotmail account.... But I haven't tried to forward anything there.
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Same as Sandra. I would say the best solution is to email hotmail. Good luck.
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I've actually had the same problem. I've emailed attachments and athe document didn't go through. It was happening the me for a while but lately it seems to be fixed...maybe enough people emailed Hotmail about the problem? Anyway,I agree with everyone else, email Hotmail to see what they have to say about the problem. My MSN Messenger has been on the frits too. Sometimes it won't allow me to log in at all. Hopefully that will be fixed soon too! Good Luck!
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I've had that problem in forwarding attachments and now just copy and paste or forget about it! Haven't tried it lately.

I love the extra megs we got! From 2 to 250! Now I can receive all the naughty pics my niece keeps forwarding!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Same as Sandra. I would say the best solution is to email hotmail. Good luck.
Good Advice!... I have too my e-mail account and Thank´s God I don´t have that problem! .... Good luck!
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Sorry no problems here either. Not sure what to tell ya...
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hmm thats odd, i dont send fowards anymore so i cant help you but i would go along with everyone else and tell hotmail about it
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Thanks for the help everybody. Actually I have emailed hotmail about it and they never got back to me. I guess I'll try emailing them again. Maybe I'll have to just keep bugging them. Btw gemlady, I've been using copy and paste instead lately too. But I just tried to forward again and it's still doing it.

Anyway, thanks again!
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I have a free Hotmail account. I just configure it to send and recieve from my Outlook Express. So, I never actually go on the Hotmail site to get my Hotmail messages. I can send forwards and attachments out using Outlook Express, with no problems.
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I've always had the problem with emails from certain programs when forwarding from Hotmail. It's only certain programs emails that do that in Hotmail.
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My nephew is having the same problem. He also hasn't gotten any response to his complaints.
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I very rarely use hotmail, and I do not forward stuff. Sorry I can't help!
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Hotmail never worked right for me. I quit using them, and yahoo a long time ago and use gmail now. Best email account I have ever had. If they don't get back to you then I would quit using them. Just my two cents.
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