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Maine Coons

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Is there anyone who raised a Maine Coon since his/her kittenhood ??

I wonder how much a pure bred M. Coon weighs when he/she is around 8-9 months old.

Are males heavier than females ?

The vet doesn't believe that Yumosh is a M. Coone mix since she is not very heavy ( 6 pounds/ will be 9 months old at the end of this month ). But she has all the characteristics of a M. Coone; rectangular, bony body, shorter hair around neck, longer at other sides, very straight legs (I think she looks like a ballerina ), fluffy & long (as long as her body) tail, big paws with tuffs between fingers, slanted eyes, square muzzle, etc.; even the sloppy, clown like character

Well, one of the vets in this animal hospital said that Mavish's eyes were going to be yellow although they were icy blue at the time when he was 8 weeks old & it was obvious that they were going to be blue, which they are now (he is 4 months old now). SO I suspect their expertise in recognizing breeds.

Anyway, this is just a curiosity question
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we have a maine coon that is 6 months he weighs 9 pounds although they say females are smaller,he is very stocky in build with legs like tree trunks!!!!!
the tuffting you describe is exactly the same as winstons.
it sounds as though you do indeed have a lovely maine coon to cherish
have fun with her we adore our little boy
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Maine Coon cats are not usually heavy when they are young. Yes, females are usually smaller than males. Sometimes at a year old they only weigh about 10 to 12 lbs. M C cats take 5 years to grow to thier adult size. Of course a lot depends on the quality and the breeder. They usually will have thier permanent eye color by 4 months old.
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I think that Cinnamon, our mixed gal is part Maine Coon. She is awfully big for a female! She has the looks of a Maine Coon, too!
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Well, I have a 7 month old Maine Coon female, and at the moment she weighs about 12 pounds or more... She's definitely not chubby at all, in fact she's a bit too skinny- of course it's best for them to be skinny when still growing. Her mom and dad are both very large, even for Maine Coons, so we expected her to get big, although not as soon as this. Her sister is a lot smaller, but their brother is a bit bigger still.
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Woow, 12 lb ! I have read that M. Coon females get between 9-12 lb ! I wonder if Yumosh will get bigger by time

My Minnosh (DSH) was only 5 lb when she was 14 months old
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