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Pharmacy Technician job update

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Well, I made it through the 7:30 am 3 day orientation.
Then I had to be to work at 6am for the past 2 days.
(I am a serious night owl!) This is gonna take some time to get used to!!
Hospital Pharmacy is NOTHING like retail, like I used to do.
I am being trained on the robot. It's really cool! You print the labels from the computer and put them on this drawer kinda thingy and send them to the robot and he reads the label and fills the prescription. (single doses) The robot is named Phil (fill....get it?) I thought that was really cute.
Everyone seems really nice and they all get along from what little I have actually seen. (2 days of 8 hour shifts) So I think it is gonna be a great job and I have a LOT to learn!!
I wear scrubs so I look professional even. We take the carts up to the patient floors at 6am and distribute the meds into the patient drawers sometimes in and outside the rooms. I didn't know I would be doing that.
But it's fine, gives me a chance to get out and see more.
I am really tired by late evening and haven't really seen Jeff all week except next to me asleep, but once I am trained I will be able to work evening shifts.
Just wanted to let you all know how it was going. I think I'm gonna really like it there.
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Im so glad you are happy there! Congrats!
Hehe I know about those early mornings, I just started a job that I have to be there by 5:30 AM
Trust me, you'll get used to it!
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Yay, glad you like it!
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Good4 u!!!!Congrats!!!!!
ps-ive always wanted to wear scrubs,,LOL!
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oooooo, so glad to hear it is going well! Sounds like a neat job. enjoy.
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Ah, doctor Phil Good! Funny name. Glad you're liking the job and making a difference.
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Congratulations I'm really glad your happy with it
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