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I need guidance dealing with the media

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If most of you have been following the updates on sheba's court case or if there are ANY MEDIA experts I need guidance NOW!! The local network TVaffliates have started to leave messages on my answering machine!! I don't know really want to ignore but hold them off until I have resolution. (plus I have to drop some weight rather quickly!! )(joking!!) What do I do????? Any help advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gail you have a rare opportunity to make a difference for cats in the future if you choose to do so. I would take interviews either by phone or on the television show, and arm yourself with local laws regarding this issue and push for changes. Push for more severe penalities for people who kill cats. Use this opportunity to the fullest. Be prepared before you call them back, have a list of questions to ask them, even practice before a mirror, write down points you want to make and find out just exactly what they want you to do. This opportunity is fleeting, use it well.
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Im sorry for being nosy but havent been following this, what is the media bugging you about exactly? And whatever it is I wish you luck!
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MaryAnn I knew you would be one of the 1st to respond!! But do I want to do this now-call the DA's office on Monday and ask?? I can be very familier with the laws!! Do I ask for guidance from other organizations???
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Best of luck! This is so good you can get media coverage about this terrible situation.
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Gail check your PM's
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I would tell them you do not want to be on camera or in any pictures because you do not want to be identified by the public.
Then I would take a few deep breaths and answer the questions they have for you very calmly, as not to project the stereotyped image of a crazy cat lady. We all know you're not, but it will be received better if you do not get overly emotional. Easier said, than done, I'm sure.
That's my 2cents for whatever it's worth.
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I don't have any advice, but Snowball and I just wanted to wish you good luck!!!!!
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Another thing we are taught in the school system in dealing with the media is NOT to say, "No comment."
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Gail, whatever you decide to do and how, we are all here behind you... as is Sheba...
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Good Luck with whatever you choose to do

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I have heard a liitle about this a post with a news paper link I think was the first but I have not heard anything since a link or names of other related threads would be aprushiated thanks

Gail good luck I hope it all works out
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Everything is on the SOS forum. Thanks to MaryAnn for all the advice and the thumbs up from everyone else.
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You could accept interviews on the condition that you can't go into specifics of your case.
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Just wondering, because I'm not sure I understand - are you WANTING to give interviews? Are you looking for ways of telling them to back off?
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I would consider an interview my best hope it would also involve some type of law enforcement who could explain the laws, perhaps an animal control officer but not just me as I don't want to get into a situation where there are questions I am not familiar with or puts me in a bad light. Does that make sense??
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