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How long does a poisoned animal take to die

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My spouse is thinking that if my neighbor will not longer shoot our cats or any stray cats(which is a very good thing) he may attempt to poison them instead. This of course is still horrible as not only could cats die but raccoons, possums, rabbits, squirrels etc. This is only a hypothetical question at this point in time. I do not know if this would happen , BUT if it does how long would this take poison (like d-con??) take effect and would any of these animals ingest it?
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Gail, it depends on how much they ingest, and what types of poisons are used. If he uses for example anti-freeze (again depending on how much is ingested) it can be a slow painful death, or a quick one. rat poison is fairly lethal but the cat suffers mightily while it is in their system. Again it all depends on the poison used and how much the cat takes of it.

Your neighbor is a horrible man.
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oh good grief
yes your neighbour is a horrible horrible man
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What???? your neighbor shoots at your cats.....what?"???? poison....i must have missed the original story..... ...can't you call animal control on him or something???
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The original story got lost in the crash, but this one tells you a lot about it:
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Originally Posted by huggles
oh good grief
yes your neighbour is a horrible horrible man
I can't believe there are people like that!
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That is awful! He should get locked up!
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The best thing you can do is watch his yard. The second you see him spread food or put a bowl down - CALL THE COPS. My aunt cared for a bunch of strays, almost 25 catsat one point. A guy who lived down the street from her managed to poison all but one cat within 4 days. She didn't know what was happening, and didn't have the money to take the cats to the vets. (She was living in a trailer park by a highway at the time, and the cats she had were all ones that had been dumped, or who had been left when their owners moved away.) She lost all of the cats because of it.

She found out a month later the guy was known to have left poisoned bird food out.

It's unlikely he'd start with your cats first. He'd want to test out products first, so that if/when he tried it with your cats, it would work the fastest and be something that you wouldn't notice until it's too late.

And remember, poisoned food is dangerous to any children in your neigborhood. Play that card with the cops instead of mentioning your cats. They'll respond quicker.

Edit: If you ever notice him poison an animal, call the newspapers and local news as well. They love any kind of animal abuse stories. It sounds sick, but it should frighten him enough that he won't try it again.
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Gosh. Put up a video camera? Call the Cops. Hire a hitman.. (just kidding). That is terrible, I do not understand how people have have something so wrong with them and still be walking around.
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There are lots of good tips coming to you! Here's mine: My husband is a public defender, and I think that if your community shows lots of applause & support to the District Attorney for prosecuting your poor Sheba's case, it will go a long way to discourage perpetrators like your neighbor & encourage the prosecutors and law enforcement. County officials are elected officials, and even if they hate cats, they love getting votes more. It's high time that crimes against animals get the prosecution they merit - after all, one day a cat or dog, the next a child.....................
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I would have taken him over some Christmas cookies... Nice homemade Christmas cookies... with a present mixed in. Just kidding, I wouldn't really poison someone. Well, if they did something to my cats, maybe I would. I've never been in that position to find out.

Glad to hear things are progressing.
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The thing is we live in a semi-rural area so its not like his house is 20 ft way more like 400 ft so I can't really see anything. I'm not sure if I mentioned this to the DA when I spoke with him last week-but I know I'll bring it up!!
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Hi Gail - I've only just read all about your story here...your poor Sheba! I would be sorely tempted to take the law into my own hands but of course you can't do that. What an awful, awful man. The fact that he owns such a weapon at all is horrible. Where I come from that kind of thing is still shocking and frightening!! Is there any news of what happened in the trial and his verdict? I would like to find out what happened to him.
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