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I'm whining, please forgive me.

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I've been sick for the last four days, and I wish I could get the day off today.

I've had this horrible headache that seemed like it started in my eyes, my eyeballs were hurting so bad yesterday it was making me cry. With that I was really sick to my stomache, my insides hurt, my muscles hurt, my bones hurt, and I kept being either too hot or too cold. I have had trouble focusing, wich has made reading really hard for me.

It started 4 days ago, and has been kinda bugging me, but yesterday... it sucked.

Loud noises, bright lights, and movement all seem to make me feel more sick to my stomache. I've been dizzy, and light headed. I feel just plain ICKY.

I don't know why I am telling y'all, maybe because I feel really bad for not hitting all the threads yesterday to offer my support, love, thoughts, prayers, and just letting people know that I care.

I am thinking about NOT going into work tonight, but it is Friday, and I am one of the key players of friday nights(We get slammed, and I am the fastest topper they have). I think it would be better for me to stay home, I've tried going in when I feel like crap, and end up getting in the way and pissing people off for coming in half there like that. My problem is... I am not Just an employee anymore, I am.. I hate saying this... a manager. ugh I have to be strong, and put my job first...

And.. I have to be there in under 4 hours, and we are supposed to give a 4 hour notice when we can't make it, so that we have time to try to cover the shift. At the moment... we don't have a phone. We don't want a land line, adn MY cell phone is always on my hubby while he is working, that's cuz it makes it easier, if he can't find an address, or if they aren't home, he can either call the # of the people he's looking for, or call the store to see if we've heard from them. The closing manager is coming over to give me a ride to work (shazbot, Merri n Pippin's pa)... I really hate letting him down.

Perhaps if I vomit on him? honestly I am trying to make myself laugh, I wouldn't do that, but ... maybe he would MAKE me stay home then ?? My sense of humor is off today as it was yesterday, or shall I say it's actually MIA right now?

Okay, enough complaining.

For everyone who needs positivity, I will be trying to send it in everydirection I can blindly. I know a few who need thoughts, and I hope everything goes well, or gets better, or continues to go good for all of you, until I figure out what's up with me. I feel so krappppy.

I'm typing with my eyes close cuz it hurts so much to try to focus, so please forgive misspellings and mistakes. Some of them I can feel when I make them, some I don't.

Thankyou all, and I will try to think of everyone in need today.

Have a great day, and stay safe.
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Aw, you poor thing. I understand what you're saying about being a manager and feeling like you must put the job first, but honey, sometimes you have to put YOU first. Isn't there any way you could take the night off? If you absolutely must go in, at least try to rest up before you go, lie down in a dark room, have some herbal tea. Don't worry about not following everyone else's problems right now! You are so sweet to think of everyone else, but my goodness, you're allowed to look after yourself! I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending you lots of get well vibes.... (((((((VIBES))))))))))
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Oh No!!!You poor baby, I have been in nearly the exact situation. Yes, you are a manager and you have a duty, but think,, that duty is to lead and do your job correctly. If you know you cant give it your all, find a way out of going. You may upset some people, yes.. But you know what,, I bet they would be much more upset if you go and end up getting so sick that you vomit in front of customers! Right?
I say find a way out,, some higher-ups will be po'd. But I am sure they know you are usually reliable and are one of the best, so they will get over it. I hope you feel much better hon..Being sick SUCKS!!!
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aww tia I am sorry....if you feel that bad you should definitly stay home.....youre no good to them sick as a if its a cold (though it sounds like a bad migrane) dont wanna spread it and such......Poor tia....

Get well vibes for you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Tia, it doesn't sound like a cold to me. It sounds more like the Flu! And that is something you do NOT want to share with your employees! So you have a choice, you can stay home and take care of yourself, and leave them short-handed 1 night. Or you can go in, help them work, spread the flu and then work short-staffed for several days while the others go thru the same thing you're feeling now.
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Stay home! Hope you feel better. Take medicine and go to bed. Hugs!
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try some alka seltzer (gold if you can find it!). a lot of times this really helps my migraines, more than other OTC's. if you don't have to work, i also find that cold helps them - cold pack, eating ice cream, etc - more than heat does. hope you get to feeling better!
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Thankyou everyone. I've got one hour and 15 minutes until I have to be to work, and I am really stressing out now. I can't call them, unless I wanna bundle up and walk to the nearest pay phonel like a half block away... ugh it's snowing right now, adn cold.

I've slept since I typed this... krap he's here.. gotta run
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Oh Tia, I am sorry you're sick.. That suckles I think you probably ended up going to work .. I hope you feel better
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Thankyou Lauren...

I am going to work. As long as my eyes can adjust to the light, and it doesn't change, my eyes don't hurt. I'm only working a 3 hour shift... yeah... uh huh... it's snowing, but Shazbot is managing, and he knows how I feel, so I shouldn't end up staying too late.

If anyone can spare any 'feel okay at work' thoughts, I'd greatly appreciate them. THanks guys. I'm still sending out thoughts to you guys too.
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You should stay home from work. If you're sick, you shouldn't go in, not only for your own well being, but for everyone who comes in contact with you.
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I wish I could have stayed home, but, I am home now. I got sent home early today. Gunna go sleep now.
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I would go in long enough to find someone to take over and then come home.
I'm with laureen227 take something like alka seltzer plus or some other cold medicine and go to bed. Get well vibes coming your way. where you can feel better soon.
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Oh you poor love I hope you feel better soon
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Aw Tia... it sounds like you've got flu or something. Certainly those symptoms are flu-like though I'd keep a very close eye on the headaches and aversion to bright lights beb. Seriously, go and see a doctor. We can't have you falling to bits on us now Take real good care of yourself and yeah, go and puke on your boss. Sometimes they need a bit of a wakeup call!
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I'm feeling better today, eyes still sensative, and so are my ears. I'm still kinda duh headed too... um, maybe that is normal

I think we know what caused it. Last night by the time I got home from work, I was just really sore. It was pretty much the adjusting from light to dark, once my eyes were adjusted, they were fine.

Anyway, I was sitting up, and hubby was watching me, and he said that I kept messing witht the back of my head, where my neck and head connect. He suggested that my neck was out. I took a super hot bath, and played around with my neck, and it popped. I still had a headache when I went to bed, and had problems going to sleep, but when I woke up it was gone, finally. I think that the symptoms were from two different things.

Thankyou guys... Once I'm up for a while I will know for sure what is up, it's usually after I'm up for a little while when I start feeling sick. So far so good.
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you should have rushed your self to the hospital.
It sounds like some sort of virus or you need a good check up
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Tia they certainly sounded like flu symptons alright!.

*touches wood* Its not often i get flu but i came down with it 2 years ago and the last time i'd had it before that was 8 years ago and i hope it's that long again because i was really ill I had to stay off work for 2 days which isn't like me but i stayed in bed and just drank plenty of fluids and slept.

My mum always used to say that sleep was a good form of medicine and she was right!.

Take care and keep warm!
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Glad you are feeling better today Tia. Lots of get well vibes coming your way.
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Thankyou. I'm feeling a bit better then this morning. Still head achy.

I'm off Monday, so by my day off I should be back to normal!!
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Good to hear that you're on the mend... just take it easy lots of fluids and feet up time!
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