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Why is Madam antisocial now

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This is another shade of "newcomer and resident cat issues". I rather have no problems with what's going on but I'd appreciatte opinions.
I've had 5 yr-old Madam for over a year now; actually I adopted her 11/03 from my shelter. We didn't have other pets then so she gained confidence rapidly_she was very shy but overcame it_she was declawed by previous owner, consequently had some litterbox issues but nothing major, seems to be a most well behaved cat. And affectuous.
Then last Nov we took in 2 feral kittens from the colony we manage thinking we'd find a home for them later on, now I'm not so sure since they've bonded with us very well but if there's a good home they can go.
The introduction went awry the 2nd day as they escaped their cage and ran smack into Madam just as she was using the litterbox.
So we started all over again, letting them out slowly until after a couple of weeks they were eating together if not playing together.
Now they are OK but Madam behavior has changed quite a bit. I wished she'd ignore them but she growls and hiss and runs from them. Wich makes it only worse as they'd chase her, specially off favorite spots. They have 2 kitty ledges now but they have to have the one where she's at (and I guess they fit but M wouldn't sit with them). She spends most of the time now holed up in our bedroom and looks so sad I'm glad I work at home so I carry around with me her toys and play with her and she softens, poor baby. She even looks frail! (maybe b/c the kits are so robust and full of energy I never noticed before)
Anyways, I don't think the situation will change until the kittens are gone..but I wondered would the fact that she's declawed and maybe was brought up as a housecat (she's overcaming her dry food habit, absolutly hates meat! wich makes me think she was on df_Wal-Mart & Science Diet_ since an early age) make her neurotic/antisocial? I suppose so, right? Or, maybe ther's something wrong with her personality that didn't show up before..I hate to think I hurt her bringing in the kittens though I didn't know.
Apologies for the long post & thank-you
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I really don't think there is anything wrong with Madam. You said you brought in the 2 kittens this past November? That really hasn't been that long. Since Madam has been the only cat in the home, she now has to get used to the fact that there are new cats in the home and they are kittens, who love to play and chase her around. Give it some more time, I am sure she will come around. Just show her lots of love, let her know that she is still your special baby, even though you have 2 new ones in the home. Madam just has to get used to the fact, that she now has to share her territory, which most cats don't like to do. As you can see, I have 2 bobcats that share our home with 5 domestic cats. They all get along fine, with an occasional hissy fit, but that is just part of being a cat You may also want to consider a vet check up, just to make sure there are no medical reasons for her behavior change as well.
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I would if you as you say have a good home for the kittens, send them off to that home as soon as it is healthy to do so. Madame, without claws to defend herself, would be at a great disadvantage, should they attack her, and she knows this. They jumped her at the worst time, while she was using the pan and that just reinforced in her head that these two are predators, not friends. I would place the kittens in another home and just maintain the status quo for Madame. Madame has already had to endure more than a cat really should by getting declawed by a previous owner. IMO her actions would warrant the removal of the kittens to another home. Yes, you will miss them, but you can work through that easier than Madame came.

Thank you also, for rescuing those two-
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Geez..I keep getting a msg from DawnoSierra everytime I try to answer your post, did it 3 times already! Then it clicks off and your posts reappear, are you trying to post DawnoSierra?? So I'll sign off here and try again later.
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Thank-you for your replies..the kittens will go as soon as I find a home for them..y'know Hissy I never thought of Madam being at a disavantage when they grow up, duh..so theoretically she would do better with another declawed cat; although as much as I would like to have another cat if she isn't happy I won't...do you think that she reacts like she does now b/c they are clawed or b/c they accosted her at the litterbox?
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I think a lot has to do with the fact that she's 5 years old and has probably been an only cat all her life. I volunteer at a shelter, and in your situation we would ask you to rethink getting her a companion, or if you did, getting her an older roommate. Kittens are crazy, and Madam probably has no clue what to do about them. She's outnumbered and at a disadvantage, though by what you say she's coping very well. Why not try an older cat, preferably one that has already been declawed?

Hans is 14 years old, and came to me in late September. He was declawed by his previous owner, and had been an only cat all his life. I have a two year old male that he never really had problems with other than some dominance issues. However, the kitten has always been a bit of a problem. He's seven months old now and is absolutely nuts. He quite literally runs circles around poor arthritic Hans. For three long months Hans did not know what to do about this annoying, potentially dangerous ball of energy. Hans used to charge the kitten whenever he came in the room, and was never too friendly. I'm not sure why that changed, but now they love play-wrestling with each other. (They never hurt each other, I keep an eye on them.) And Hans also plays referee when Mer and the kitten play, since they tend to get very rough with each other. If Mer hurts the kitten, Hans pushes him out of the way. It's really sweet to watch. So, as you can see, it can be done, but it depends on the personality of the cat. Hans was never shy or sweet at first. He was growling, hissing, sulking creature from the moment I tried picking him up from the cage at the shelter. Obviously, one who was stubborn and could stand up for himself.
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Probably both issues have set her off. She knows she is outnumbered, and really some cats are so much happier being solo cats. We tend to push our anxiety/guilt off on our cats, when they are perfectly happy being the only cat we own, we bring in others thinking we are doing the "right" thing. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. In your case, I would suggest that she remain the only cat, or as suggested above an older declawed cat might be a better alternative.
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I agree with you both Wodesorel and Hissy. I never gave much thought but I understand well the explanation and appreciate it, thanks
My plans were sometime before she was too old to get another cat; I had my eye on a 2 yr old at the shelter (clawed) so in a way this with the kittens really opened my eyes to Madam's personality.
..Clovis and Margaret will be going to a home as soon as I find one for them..I didn't intend to keep them but next time I'll find prospective homes before I bring them in.
BTW, Madam is loosening up and I give her treats every time she's like that, but you're right she must have been an only cat all her life. Thanks again.
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