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Is Puking Normal?

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I have a four month old kitten, and he seems completely healthy. Dry nose, no discharge in the eyes, super active, eats and drinks regularly and stools normal.

But he pukes.

He pukes for no apparent reason sometimes. For example, on New Years, he puked up in the morning when we were all sleeping (during the time we'd normally be playing with him). This morning, at 5am, he was playing with my feet while I tried to sleep, so I put him on the floor. He promptly jumped back up on my bed and puked on my sheets. He pukes if he's nervous (in a new place). I don't think it is a hairball thing b/c it is always poorly digested (chunky) pieces of dry cat food.

I feed my cat Kitten's Science Diet. I'm thinking maybe this is the problem, or he pukes when he's upset with us?

Any advice appreciated.
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Jill, cats do vomit once in a while without apparent reason. But if your kitten has been vomiting consistently, and always vomits undigested food, then a vet check up is warranted.

You can do better than Science Diet. It's expensive and frankly, not worth the cost. It's possible that there is an ingredient in it that is disagreeing with your kitten or to which he's allergic.

There are many premium, high-quality foods to choose from that do not contain by-products, artificial preservatives and/or colors, corn or wheat (hard for cats to digest).
IMO I would not feed him strictly a dry food diet. Canned food is better for him and much closer to what cats would eat naturally.
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I was in a bad financial situation a few months ago and noticed both my cats vomiting their dry food up, I changed the food and so far so good. Science diet is not a good food( I tried it with one of my cats and he threw it up also), I would look for a premium cat food. Good luck! cat.
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I forgot to mention that I also feed him science diet kitten wet food, every evening he gets 1/8 of a can.

Can either of you recommend a cat food? I was thinking switching might be a good idea, but I don't want to have to go with the vet pet food if I can avoid it
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there are lots of great premium foods out there, Innova, California natural, Felidae, Petguard(my cats threw this up) wysong(very expensive) wellness(canned food has been known to give some cats loose stools), solid gold, eagle pack, this is what is available in my neighborhood, you just need to get out and see what is avialable. If I remember right premium cat foods have no "by-products in them( this is chicken beeks, feet ect.......). It may be $1 or $2. more but is worth it to better health for cats. Hope this helps. You can do a search on the internet find these websites and they will tell you where they sell it in your state. Good luck , cat.
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I would definitely try a diet change. Kitty started throwing up on a rather regular basis, I thought it could be nerves because it started about the time I brought Sassy into the house. I was not feeding her a better grade food. I switched to Wellness kitten food about 2 months ago and she hasn't thrown up since (knock on wood).
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All of my cats like PetGuard, and 2 of the 3 like California Natural. In my area, Cal Natural and Merrick are sold in a large store called PetGoods (like a Petco or Petsmart, but I don't think they're a national chain). I can get PetGuard at the health food store or at Whole Foods Market. Catlover mentioned some other good brands, but as she pointed out,you may have to go to each company's website to find where their food is sold.
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