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I need a puppy fix. Do you have any recent pics of those two little cuties you and your mom adopted a few months ago????????????? Sorry if I missed anything.
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They are really cute pups. How are they doing? I am curious, too. Becky
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Hi Lorie & Becky,

Sorry I've got no recent pics of them - they are so fast! I've forgotten how many weeks old they are now, but I'm guessing they are about four months old.

I've got these two pics of them at 12 weeks old -



I really do need to get some new pics of them. I'll try this morning, because I'm taking some pics of my little Friends girl too.

Thanks for asking you guys, they are doing well.

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Such pretty puppies, Sam!
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Thank you Stephanie!

They are galloping round the lounge at the moment.
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OK I tried to get some good pics of them, but it didn't turn out as successful as I imagined...

Melody & Zeppelin having a drink-

And a few of Zeppelin-

Sorry bout the poor quality, I'll try and get better ones soon!


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Thanks for sharing those new pics, Sam! Melody and Zeppelin look like they're really getting big now, and they're both just as cute as ever!
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Doggies!!!!! Oh Sam, they are so cute!
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Awww thank you guys!
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Awwww.They are adorable.
I love puppies as long as they are not mine.LOL.Too much work for me..that's why I stick to kitties.Hehe.
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They're so cute! Sam, you have a Tuxedo puppy
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They are so adorable Sam..... I just love doggies as much as I love kitties !

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I'm always amazed by how quickly everyone's pets grow!!!! They are really cute!
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They're sweeties, Sam. No apologies necessary about "quality" or what can be had because of their antics. When your subject is a critter on permanent romp, you take what you can get and don't bother saying thankyou because they've already headed off on their next adventure Thanks for the new stuff; we'll be happy to look at more whenever you get the chance.
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Yup Tess a tuxie puppy indeed!

Pat - I love my four doggies as much as my kitties too!

And Fran, such a sensible post and so true! Thank you.

Thanks to everybody too.
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So cute. They look like best buddies. Are they getting training now? They look like they are old enough for puppy school. Becky
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Nope no puppy school. There are our two 12 year old dogs teaching them a few tricks and I taught them both how to sit. Thanks.
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soo cute
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Thanks Fwan.
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