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cat loves window.... but...

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My 6 month old kitten is driving me nuts.
Every morning at 6:01 am (yes, exactly 10 minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off) she gets up onto the window ledge above our bed. That's ok, I encourage that. The problem is: she paws at the window. Not just one paw. Both paws. Constantly. I've tried taking her down and locking her out of the bedroom, but then the meowing starts. I've tried taking her down by the scruff... nope... she's back up as soon as she thinks I'm asleep again.

Suggestions anyone? I've never had a cat do this pawing at the window thing before!
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I'm always having to clean off smudges on the windows from their paws when then see a tiny fly outside thinking they can catch it along with little wet nose smudges

I have no suggestions really because she's just a kitten doing what kittens do
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Is she the only cat? Maybe she needs a playmate? or get her a cat tree, so she can climb up and do more things. Also you can put a bird feeder outside a different window and buy one of those window perches they sell for cats , so she won't be bothering you. Don't know what else to say, but she sounds so cute.
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Get up 10 minutes earlier?

I have had mine paw the window like that trying to get at a smudge or a fly or something on the other side. It may be that she wants to 'go out' but this hard surface is between her and the outside so she thinks she can work away at it and remove it from her objective:-). Who knows how the minds of kittens think!

Finding alternatives for her attention, such as the bird feeder on another window or the window perch seats, etc. are all good suggestions and that is probably what I would try. And, if all else fails . . . . 10 minutes isn't that much - it could be worse - like half an hour - or an hour!

Good luck,
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good ideas... there is another cat, he's a couple of years older though. And toys, tons of them, including a four foot tall climber/perch. But it's not in the bedroom... hmmm.. that's an idea... I could bring her scratching post down to the bedroom. Might help

And yes, she's really cute! :-)
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If it is at exactly the same time every day, it could be that she hears a noise, like a neighbor's alarm clock, and she wants to find it?
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Is she spayed yet? The hormones may be starting to run a bit and it is instinctual for her to want out. Perhaps there is a male who comes calling at that hour - have you seen any such cats outside?

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My Simon also comes into my bedroom about 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. Kitty probably knows that it's almost time for you to be up, so she's excited!
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I agree with the others, but I notice one thing. You may not be aware that only a mom cat should scruff a kitten. At the size of a 6 month old, you could accidentally hurt her.
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