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URI - need advice please. :(

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Hello all, would appreciate any advice:

Last week I adopted 2 lovely kittens (about 1-month & 1 1/2 months) which unfortunately had to undergo eye surgery (enucleation) due to bad infection (no thanks to my aunt for neglecting them after rescuing them from the streets). After the surgery, I immediately took them home and placed them in a cage (we call it "cat house"), in the same room with my furbutts. Unfortunately for us, we didn't know that the kibs have URI - I don't know if it's herpes or calici. We brought them to the vet and the vet prescribed 0.25mL of Zithromax for 7days (extended until 10 days), along with other medications (ringworm). Their sneezing got really worse for the past days, although they're both still active, happy and hungry kittens. They have clear eye discharge (or none at all), clear nasal discharge. They're housed in my room along with other healthy cats (I know, but I have no other area to place them). My healthy cats were vaccinated just this week. One of my (healthy) kittens caught the bug, and is sneezing really hard. She's majorly having a bad time, she's on Zithromax and nasal saline drops. We are also supplementing them with pet-grade vitamins (with Lysine). The others are on antibiotics as well.

Any other medications or supplements we should be giving them to make them feel better? How about the place? Any suggestions on how to clean it? Thanks very much!

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I have had a bit of experince with URI. As a foster parent for the local humane society URI victims is mostly what i deal with. As far as meds and supplements, talk to your vet. Terramycin is great for clearing up eye discharge from URI. Nutrical is a wonderful supplement. Lysol is good for disinfecting and sanitizing, but make sure the surface is clean first. The most important thing to remember is to keep their noses as clear as possible. Use warm, moist cotton balls. If they can not smell they will not eat. Cats will go into liver failure after only three days of not eating. Good luck to you. You and your kitties are in our thoughts.
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Herpes is often characterized in part by big sneezing attacks. Calici *always* presents white sores in the mouth, and eating often stops because of mouth pain. The vaccine won't always prevent either from developing, but will lessen its effects. It sounds like your doing the right things, but if you have other healthy cats in the home they will catch it if they have contact with the sick cats. It may also be neither herpes nor calici and just some garden variety URI.
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