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Knee's Are Knoking LOL

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I have a job interview on Tuesday and my belly is in not's I hope I get the job it's just a cleaners job nothing flash but if I get it it will be a long term job with sick pay and holidays I have never had a job with all these extras so please keep your fingers crossed for me I really wan't this job.
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Sending good vibes your way!!!

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*fingers crossed* then!!
best of luck
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good luck to you......benifits with jobs are hard to come by...I hope you get it.....keep us updated!!!!!
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fingers crossed for you!
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All the luck in the world to you, hope it goes well. xxx
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Good Luck Nancy!!

Did you get the job through the letterbox drop - if I remember rightly you were going to do that!!

I am sure you will do great, just be yourself!

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Good luck Jasper's Mummy!
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Lots of positive vibes are on the way and I hope you get the job!
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Fingers and toes crossed for you!.

And theres nothing wrong with being a cleaner!, where would we be without you people! After all, were all cleaners at home if you think about it!, which reminds me it's housework night tonight!
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There is nothing wrong with any good, honest work. Good luck from our house to yours.
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My feelings on cleaners. Good luck!
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WOOHOO! Hope you get it!!! Let us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Big Hugs to you all thank you so much it makes me feel so good to come in here I'll log in first thing Tuesday night and let you all know how it goes thanks so much again for all your suport

Wow Sar you have a good memory but no I have not had a lot of luck with the letter box drops I'v had 3 or 4 calls but no bites yet I'll see how this pans out before I do another round of them I got this interview due to a tip of from the lady who run's my job club
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Fingers crossed!

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Cleaning is like righting the world. (It just doesn't last very long--heh!) I've scrubbed my share of floors... Good luck~!
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Lots of "hire me" vibes coming your way!!!
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Hi guy's thanks for your good wishes and good vibes I'm sorry I did not get back to you all last night I was feeling really down the interview did not go well they are ringing people at the end of the week but she made it pritty clear I would not be getting the job of course she did not say it strat out but if I get a call saying I got the job I will dye with a leg in the air oh well there is a job out there somewhere with my name on it I just have to find the sodding thing Thank you all for your suport it mean's a lot to me big hugs for you all
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