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Spaying vibes needed

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OK, guys, its my turn. I know millions of cats get spayed every year. And I have had many spayed over the years. But tomorrow my little 3 1/2 lb nine month old kitten is getting spayed and I am really nervous. While she seems healthy there must be some reason she doesn't grow well. I could pay a fortune to find out if she has a heart defect. But what would that accomplish? She would still need to be spayed. So we are going with an IV running during surgery so that if she has a change in vital signs they will be able to medicate quickly. They will calculate the code medicines based on her weight and be ready just in case. She will be intubated and on a monitor. Two feline specialists in attendance and two other cat vets there. Experienced techs. Her labs are OK. If I was reading this post from someone else I could be very reassuring. But I am very nervous. Be thinking of me and Elfie tomorrow. Becky
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Hoping for a successful surgery! Sending over lots of good vibes!
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Sounds like all safety precautions are in place. Your baby is in good hands.
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Many many good vibes coming your way
I can't be as reassuring as you always are for other people, because well you just know so much more than me , but I know your baby will pull through! She will have everyone she could even possibly need there and most of them will probably not be needed when all is done!
Please post about her when she comes home, until then I am thinking about you and your baby
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Lots of good vibes headed your way! Hope the surgery is a success!
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Thanks everyone. I will keep you all informed of how it goes. Becky
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Sending *Good Vibes* to you and your tiny Elfie for tomorrow . Let us know how things went.
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Poor little girl... good vibes being sent... and definitely keep us informed!
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Will be thinking lots of good, positive thoughts for you and Elfie. It's always hard when it's your baby having the procedure. Hang in there Becky!
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
If I was reading this post from someone else I could be very reassuring.
That's exactly what I was thinking as I read your post, Becky, and you certainly would be the first in line with reassurance.Even when we realize a procedure is routine, every top Feline Specialist in the world could be in attendance, and we will still worry about our own babies!
Elfie will be in the very best of care for her procedure. Please know I will be praying for you both!Please let us know as soon as you hear from her Vet!
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Best of luck to Elfie tomorrow and an extra special hug to you becky!
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She sure is not happy with me this morning. She wants her breakfast. NOW. And I am waiting until just before I leave to feed the rest of the gang, so they are all unhappy with me. Becky
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Awwww i think weve all been there and know exactly how you feel

I had to starve Rosie as well when Sophie got spayed and i felt awful

Lots of good luck and healing vibes coming your way
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Ok, Elfie is home. She did just fine. They sure like her at the vet, they said she spent the afternoon after she woke up on Dr. Starr's desk! Thanks for all the vibes, they brought her through with flying colors.
For anyone interested in Orange county (southern California) prices, I paid $42 for her preanesthetic lab work, $102 for the spay surgery and $39.95 for the IV. The IV and lab work are optional. Actually, they don't even offer the IV for most spays, it was just that Elfie was a special case. So you could get by with $102 for just the spay. This is at a board certifed feline specialist.
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Hi Becky - Had been hoping to hear from you, so I was glad to see your post.

Very happy that Elfie came through the surgery so well (you too!)

Give your little baby lots of hugs and kisses from everyone here!
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I'm glad Elfie's (I love the name) surgery went well and she is home again
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