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Cat Tree

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My kitten got a tree for Christmas. the problem is that it can tip and fall over. How do I secure it to prevent this from happening?? and how do I teach him ow to get to the top platform. He can climb up there but can't figure out how to get up there, without using the love seat... haha... any help would be cool!!!! Thanks!!!!!
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Sorry can't help you there. That's a shame, the cat trees we have weren't expensivebut they can support our 15kg puppies jumping up on them. Best of luck finding a solution.
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Not advice because we do not use a big Tree....
Just for fun: You can put an Alligator in front the tree ..... JUST KIDDING!!!!
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haha funny funny..... where to find a gator????
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Do you have a corner you can put it into so it doesn't tip over???
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Maybe you could enlarge the base? Screw on a larger piece of say Chipboard and carpet the exposed areas. This will both weigh it down and make it a lot more stable.

As fo your kitty trying to get onto the platform, with time he will figure it out! It is better to let him learn!

Hope that helped a bit!!
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