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Grooming thread?

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Being as cats spend a good deal of their time grooming, I figure everyone has a few grooming pics if you care to post them here I'd love to see them!

I have a few of Chuckie:

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And Milo grooming Chuckie(I posted this one on another thread but I think it's cute!):

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Here's Princess Shelby getting her bath from her two Cabana Boys, Leo and Frank. (I don't have Frank anymore)

Thomas cleaning his toes. He has the cleanest toes in the house!

And here's Cooper trying to bathe his tummy. It's funny watching him because his hair is so long that he really struggles to lick his entire tummy!

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LOL! great pics!
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Hahahah they're great!!!
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Aww...great pics! Of course I always have a special place in my heart for Thomas .

Here are some of my foster babies (I know I've posted some of these before, but they're such beautiful babies, I can't resist ):

Briar, the King of Grooming:


Scout, in his new home, grooming his new big brother, Cooper:

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awwwww great photos

what a great thread - I will see if I can find any grooming photos
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Rosie giving Sophie her daily groom

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YAY Rosie & Sophie

and well done Susan for getting that photo up - its perfect did you do that all by yourself???
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These pictures are so cute! I haven't managed to get a photo of my two grooming eachother, but I have some other groomy ones!!

Well done Susan, you're getting the hang of it!! Cute picture too!!
There'll be no stopping you now, hey?!!


and Molly
(i've posted this before, but I think it's cute!!)
< this is supposed to be a picture!!
I'll post it again later!!

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I tell you Sarah i'm on a roll now!

Danielle: With a little help from my friends!
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great photos Sarah

here is one of Cedar grooming Tipsy

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Awwwwww cute pics!
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Princess and Gordo
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Awww great pics everyone! I especially like the ones where one cat is grooming sweet!
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Great picture Danielle! I look the expression on Tipsy's face!!

I love that picture of Gordo and Princess!! It looks like she has ordered Gordo to give her a wash!! (being a Princess!!)

These are all so good!
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cute clean kitties! here's one I have of Oscar cleaning his tummy

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Cola is trying to clean those "hard to reach" spots
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...You crack me up Ashley!!!!

His royal majestyc decide took a Few minutes to grooming too:

a little more for here....

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Yayi your pic´s must be on the thread: "The Unreachable point"! ....
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