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new kitten peeing probs! help!!

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we have recently adopted the 3rd of our cats. little lucie is just 7 weeks old. we also have a 4 yo desexed male and a 11yo desexed male. so this is our 1st daughter however, the 1st few days she was using the kitty litter tray but the last few days she has taken to defecating and peeing on beds, and the carpet in the office. she has 2 kitty litter trays but seems intent on ignoring their presence now even though our boys are trained to go outside to defecate and definitely are not using the boxes. can anyone explain why this may have just started and how to stop her? tia
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I am just wondering how healthy is she, I don't if she can get UTI at such a young age. Also do you only have 2 litter boxes for 2 cats? You should have at least 1 litter box for each cat, some cats are known to require 2 litter boxes one for each function. Also could it be the older cats have scared her when she was using the litter box, so now she is afraid to go in it? You will need to use a special pet cleaner to get out the smell of her urine, if not she will keep on going in the same spot. Cat
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There are several good enzyme cleaners to try - Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle, Cat Odor Off, and Anti Icky Poo.

See if you can observe her using the (not)box. Are the other cats bothering her? At 7 weeks, she's very young, and several litter pans placed throughout the house might help, if she has trouble holding it until she can find a box.

Since you have 3 cats, you ought to have at least 4 cat litter boxes.

You might try confining her to one room for a few days, especially while you're gone, to help her get used to your residence, and litter box locations.

Good luck - keep us posted.
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