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Sarah's been gone 1 yr. today

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Today is the 1 yr anniversary of Sarah's passing.
She had cancer and it grew on the outside of her left side over her ribcage.
She was the one who carried a stuffed animal around, (fairly good sized toy), and would sit it face to face and talk to it. I'd put it up and I would find her with it again. One of the sweetest, most loving cats I have ever had. You can't really tell here, but she had an adorable face and expression.
We got her from the rescue in Tennessee on St. Patrick's Day 2001.
She is very much missed by all of us here!!
RIP sweetheart!! We LOVE you!

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I know even though it has been a year you are still hurting. She was a beautiful baby. RIP Sarah
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Aaaw RIP Sarah. What a beauty!
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Oh Patty, R.I.P. sweet Sarah, She´s looking for you in the heaven, I´m sure.
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I'm sorry Patty. She was a beautiful cat.
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What a Beauty Sarah was, I'm sorry you lost her
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She is a beautiful looking kitty I'm sorry for your loss I know how hard it can be sorry hug's and kiss from all here
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Sarah was a very special little girl. I'm so sorry she was taken from you all too soon.

Out of respect for Sarah and your grief, I'll move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Sarah. RIP little one
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I am so sorry sweetie, she was beautiful,,No more cancer pain in kitty heaven though!!
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awwww Sarah was gorgeous

RIP Sarah
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She really was just so beautiful I am so sorry that you had lost her Now she may fly with all the other Glorious Angels in Kitty Heaven
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I am so sad for you, and I know you miss your little love!
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What a beauty, I'm so sorry you lost her. She's still there though, in your heart.
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She was beautiful! I know you miss her.
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She is a beautiful cat. It is tragic to lose such a beloved friend after such a short time - I am sure you miss her dreadfully. The loss does not get any easier but the pain does subside. Remember her with happiness and smiles at the joy she brought you.
Thinking of you
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