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Trapping advice please

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Nicky, who is one of my ferals, needs to get to the vet ASAP. I've had my trap next to his shelter for a couple of months in an effort to "de-sensitize" him to it in the event I should ever need to trap him. Now I do.

I've asked the people whose yard Nicky is in to please feed him near the trap and then gradually move the food further inside. They insist he won't go near the food when they put it there. So much for that idea.

There's a feeding station about 20 feet from his shelter. So, I've moved the trap to the station. My idea was to butt the trap up against the feeding station (it's open on 2 sides) with the door secured in the open position. The trap is level with the floor of the feeding station, so my thinking was to just start sliding his food closer to the trap, and then eventually into it.

I just saw that Hissy gave some advice about putting used litter in the trap, which I'm going to try. But here's my question: do I move the trap *again* since it might be off-putting to Nicky to have used litter so close to his food? Should I put the trap back in its original location near Nicky's shelter?

Thanks for any advice or ideas...
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I don't really have any advice in this situation,but I just wanted to wish you luck on catching him soon.
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Maybe if he goes up to the food first and then catches a whiff of the litter he will go over to check it out and then he will be trapped. Also, if this is a feral cat he probably eats garbage sometimes so he may not be too picky about his food and maybe he doesn't even know what litter is so he wil be curious. Good luck!
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Good luck catching him. If litter doesn't work try canned tuna fish. The smell generally gets their attention.
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Are you sure she suggested used litter? The idea of using litter or newspaper, or those "doggy diapers" is simply to cover the feel of the wire on their feet, which many cats hate. Pouring litter over the bottom of the trap allows the cat to walk into the trap without feeling the wire, yet remains behind when you pull up the trap. We use those doggy diapers they sell at pet stores, because it remains in the trap, and like the litter if placed properly doesn't interefere with the tripping of the trap - yet it's still in the trap in the even of a peeing accident from the fear of being in the trap, in the car, etc. (although we always put something down on the seat of the car anyway, and we always cover the trap with a blanket, but almost inevitably the poor terrified animal pees).

Also, using a really smelly food, like tuna or a bit of herring helps attract them to the trap. You can also use whatever food you normally feed with, but sprinkle a touch of catnip on it. This seems to be irresistable to ferals.

Don't know why you need to trap him, but hope he's OK!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yep i meant soiled litter- you put clean down and sprinkle the soiled litter lightly over the top. cats instinct is to find the scent, hiss and spray-
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Thanks, MA, never realized that! So when you use this method, do you forgo the food as an attractant?
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right, sorry about that, they are chasing the scent of the other cat and overpowering it with their own, you don';t need food- this is only for traps that are checked immediately the next morning, not traps left for days-
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I don't know what to suggest but do know that I wouldn't move anything again.

All this moving things around all of a sudden is sure to stir up some fear in him and make him wonder what's going on suddenly.
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Thanks MA. Another tip for the "trapping knowledge bank."
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Thanks for the help everyone! Fortunately, the antibiotics Nicky was getting seemed to have done the trick - the abscess he had has drained and is healing, so I've decided not to trap him, for now. I'll be keeping a close eye on him though.

If I do need to trap, at least I've got some new tactics to try!

Thanks again!
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Just a note for those who might need it...

I used squished sardines in oil to lead Pengy to the cage (not a trap - she wouldn't come near it). I'd take pieces of a sardine, and make a trail to a dish full of sardines squished up. It worked well, and only took about 4 weeks of this before she was enough in the cage for me to close it. If you know Pengy, you know that was "quick" for her.

Anyway, just a thought. It helped me bring this girl home. And she doesn't like 'nip at all, as far as I can tell.

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