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Bank Gives out Personal Information

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Ok, so this was a little while ago, but I couldn't post here then!


So, what do you guys think the bank should do now? Obviously, there are a lot of angry people. Will CIBC ever be able to regain the trust they have lost? Would you stay at that bank if you banked there?
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I would definitely be finding a new bank!

How horrible that the guy told them how many years ago, and they still didn't do anything to stop it immediately. He's right, they are lucky he's honest.
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I hope he gets his settlement!
For him, and for all of the people that were violated by CIBC.

I used to have an account with them but when it started coming out on the news about what was happening I switched banks.
There were so many people in my city alone that switched banks that one of the branches closed, I feel sorry for those that worked at that branch that lost their jobs, but what did they expect people to do?
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I've been with CIBC for many years and have had excellent service and wonderfully helpful staff. I think if you checked out a lot of financial institutions you would be amazed to find they all leave something to be desired.

I used Montreal Trust at one time and they put $500 in my account that did not belong to me. I told them about it and their "snotty" cashier assured me that they "don't make mistakes like that". About a week later I was at the bank and asked the same cashier if she ever found out who the money belonged to and she said yes they had found the error and transferred it out of my account. They never bothered to inform me that they had taken the money out of my account. I changed banks over that one.
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