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Today's Not-Radio Question: 11/06/05

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hey guys, Just cause Susie's gone, I'll get it today (unless someone else was meant to... )

Today's Question:

Have you ever touched a stranger (like a hug, or held hands with), because you thought it was your significant other?
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Whoa, is it november already?

Nope, I dont think I have done that, but I have turned around and talked to a stranger because I thought hubby was behind me.
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No never done that but when i was with my husband in a supermarket i put something in what i thought was our trolley when it was another blokes
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In crowded situations I've often held the wrong hand.. I grabbed someone's hand when I was 5 thinking it was my dad, and walked down the street with him until we looked at eachother and realized we paired up with the wrong person, lol. (it was an era of innocence.. now I'm glad I didn't get molested O.o)
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hehe no I havent done this either but like mentioned I have started talking to people thinking its the person I was with - ACK!! its so embarrassing!!!
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Actually there is a radio question for today -


But another one wont hurt. Nope I can't say I've ever done that.
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Not quite.

When I was a child (About 7 yrs old) my mother, I and 3 sisters were grocery shopping. I turned around to look at something and my mother walked away. When I turned back around, I just grabbed hold to the front of the basket that was there and started walking with it when it moved. I walked around the store for 2-3 min. holding on to a strange man's basket. I didn't notice until my mother noticed that she was missing one of her "litter" and I heard her screaming my name looking for me. I was so embarrassed and scared.

That man could have walked out with me!!

My mom was pretty mad at herself too!
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