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Bad News and Good News

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Hi everybody - I've missed you guys!

It's been a bad week and I haven't really been able to get on line. First off, my wireless router's gone down, so I can only get on line with a very short wire from the cable modem - i'm sitting on the floor balancing the computer on my knee - with a little furry friend that I'll tell you about in a minute.

Then, you might remember before Christmas I was bemoaning my lot because I'd had a mole removed and hadn't been able to have a good soak in the bath for weeks. Well it's been 5 weeks and I still can't. What's worse, I went to the hospital on Tuesday for the results, and it was cancerous. They think it has all been removed, but I've got to go and have more of the area removed just to be safe and will be seeing the plastic surgeon about that next week. I'm feeling a bit delicate mentally at the moment and will probably asking for a bit of that board magic before long. Then I'll be having follow up for a long time to make sure it hasn't spread. The good news is that all my other moles are officially boring according to the consultant!

The good news - yes there is some - Addie is into head-butting now. She rubs all around me when I go into the room and now spends her evenings upstairs with my daughter.

Now for the really exciting part. As Addie's ok, I'm getting a little pedigree for my birthday. We had been in contact with breeders about this and I really wanted a little Singapura. Well things happened much more quickly than we dared hope for, we thought we would be waiting for months. But it happened that a lady had a girl that was ready to go - she is absolutely beautiful. Guess what - we collected her yesterday . If anything could add a bit of brightness to my week it was this. She is totally adorable. I love my other independent kitties - but this is the first kitty that has come to us without any issues at all - I'll post some pictures in the fur pics part and tell you more about her there. She is to be known as Lily (her everyday name) but her pedigree with be Pawra Lili'a nani (Beautiful Lily). .

I can't wait to get my internet fully working again!

See you soon
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Hola Beth.... I know how it is to get moles removed. Because I had some on my face that I had to get removed. I will keep You in my prayers that the cancer has stopped and been removed. I am really glad about addies headbutting and hope to see piccys of little Lilly soon. Take care.
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Beth, I'll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that they did remove all the cancerous stuff.

What wonderful news about Addy! She's going to be a little love-bug yet. Congratulations on Lily too! Can't wait to see her pictures.
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Hi Beth!

Good to see you back. Sorry to hear about the mole. My Mums ex has something crazy like 21 cancerous moles.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Hi Beth!

Good to see you back. Sorry to hear about the mole. My Mums ex has something crazy like 21 cancerous moles.
21?! Ooh that's awful. I won't moan so much about my 1! No, I probably still will - it feels like a big deal at the moment - I'm such a wuss.
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Hi Beth I'm really sorry to hear you are haveing such a tough time of it you will be in my prayer's I hope it all works out well

Congrates on your new baby the wee one sounds wounderful
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