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Last spring a very cute almost all white skunk baby started eating at our outside cat dishes every evening. He was not scared of us, nor did the cats bother him. I started leaving him food every night even though my daughter kept complaining. He never ran from us or tried to spray and he has become a fixture in our yard.

Well, it seems he decided to burrow under out steps to hibernate for the winter which does not bother me at all - but last night some of the rooms in our house really started to smell. Clint thought it was burning rubber and checked all over the basement and attic while I kept saying - it's skunk. My daughter came out of her room and said, Did the skunk get killed, it really stinks in here. It had been really bad in the living room, but eventually faded and I thought maybe skunks spray their area before they hibernate and it would be fine once the wind took the odor away.

So we went to bed and our room really smelled - in the morning it was horrible and I thought I would get sick - but the rest of the house was fine. Turns out the stupid dog was under my bed and she had gotten sprayed! The skunk must have walked by the kennel, she must have charged and gotten sprayed - so whatever room the dog was in, smelled putrid and we never figured it out because my dogs do not run loose but are kenneled!

Just wanted to share a laugh with you today.