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Super Bowl XXXIX is almost here

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Ok so this isn't a football site, and I am not really that big into football. But Jacksonville is hosting the game this year and it is really exciting. There are so many thing going on in preparation right now. They are having concerts and kick off events. The entire city is getting ready for this event. I thought I would post a link to the special section in the local news dedicated to the Super Bowl and our preparations, in case anyone is interested.

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Awww that's exciting! Are you going?
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Tampa has hosted the big game twice since I have been here, and it is an exciting time! A teacher at my school is positive that her Pittsburgh Steelers will be making an appearance, and she is already planning on being there and looking for a way to get tickets.
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We had the Super Bowl last year--it was a lot of fun!

Have fun Tanya!!
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My fiance is all ready for the superbowl..hes Oh so sure the colts will at least get there
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I'm sorry to disapoint everyone but the PACKERS!! will be playing.
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Well our bottom of the heap Seahawks are playing the Rams tomorrow and they beat us twice during the season. Paws crossed that they can pull this on off.
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This really must be exciting, Tanya!Jacksonville is going to be sooooo crowded!
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Have fun Tanya, we just had the BCS Championship Game this week and I can't wait for the Superbowl to come back to South Florida. Hopefully the Halftime show won't be as bad as last year or the BCS Championship Game this year. As far as who is going to the Superbowl as a Football fan I have to go with the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Green Bay Packers or the Philadelphia Eagles.

I predict that Pittsburg will win the Superbowl!
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I really hope Indy goes, too. Tony Dungy deserves it after getting booted by the Bucs just one season before they won. Also Peyton Manning could truly beat Dan Marino's record if he won a ring.
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