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Thomas - the black and white long haired cat that we have had nearly a year now - gorgeous, daft, soft - but is downright lazy.
He spends all day either on his hammock - on the radiator or on our bed. He gets up a couple of times, wanders down, fills his face, uses the litter box and goes back up to where its warm.
He point blank refuses to go outside and when we put him out, I swear he grows claws in parts of his body he aint supposed to have them. For the love of me and I never know why, he stuck to a UPVC door recently with claws extended fully. When we checked the door - not a mark.
He does get up at night, I am unsure if he plays much, he tends to walk all over the bed and standing clean on your face ( you aint experienced life until a cat walks over your face when asleep).
Anyway, is this sort of behaviour normal - hes 5 years old and should I be putting him out more even though he does not want it? At least he may get some more excersise?
Hes happy enough to sit and watch it all go by outside from the upstairs window - poss laughing at the other cats getting blown about in the wind...
Would appreciate comments