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Peeling Paws

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Hi guys! I know it's been awhile since I've been here so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

I have a problem that I need some advice on. I JUST got back from the V-E-T with Roo for a skin problem that he's been having. His paws are peeling. And around the edges it's thick and callused. I had talked to my girlfriend upstairs and she said it's nothing, just a growing thing - her cats get it once a year or something...

So anyways, Roo started favoring a leg one day and so I examined his paw and there was a small yellow area. Immediatly I thought it was a pustule and then a bruise so I made the appointment with the vet. The next day it was gone but I kept the appointment because I wanted her to see his paws.

Well, the vet has no idea what it is. and neither do any of the other vets. After reading a book on animal care that talked of dogs paws and not cats, she suggested that perhaps it's something in the environment, like bleaches and stuff. The only thing I can think of is our Swiffer. But the Mr. Clean swiffer is the one that's bad for cats - NOT the Swiffer, which is why I bought it in the first place.

So, we got some cortizone cream and a cone for now and some blood work that won't get sent away until the vet can chat online with other vets to figure out WHAT we should test his blood for.

OMG Roo was really stressed out. His pooped in his carrier as soon as he got back into it. So they had to clean that too.

She also suggested that maybe it's a food alergy and the Wellness is not agreeing with him now after a year and we should try something fish based. So on the way home we got Wellness fish based.

She ALSO suggested that he could have an immune deficiency problem or diabetes and we might have to do a biopsy to REALLY see what the problem is.

Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick...

Any ideas guys? Have you seen this before?
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I've never heard of anything like that. Keep us updated and I hope everything checks out okay.
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Moving this to Health.
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Hi Tamme! It's been awhile since I have seen you!

Nakita had really bad peeling paws this past summer when we tried a new crystal litter. We changed litters and was given cream to rub on her paws and that seemed to solve it. Have you changed litters recently? Besides their paws, are there any other skin irritations (dry skin, itching etc.)?

Also, do you use the wet Swiffer or just the dry? If you use the wet, try to let the floor dry first without the cats walking on it since it may be some cleaning ingredient that is causing this allergy.

Hope you solve the problem soon.
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Hi Kass! It's been a dog's age since I've seen you. (lol)

We haven't changed litters at all and he's doesn't have dandruff or any other kind of skin irritant going on at the moment so we're seeing how this cream goes. and the cone, lol, I'm keeping my doors closed tonight so he doesn't kill me in my sleep. I know he's thinking it, lol.

If the bloods gets sent (it's $180 CND, which is like...$3 for you Americans, lol.)then we have the possibility of finding out what's going on there and after that we can get a biopsy to see what's REALLY going on...I don't know, I think something might be fishy. Others who I have talked to said they got a cream for their paws and it passed, why do you think my vet in suggesting auto-immunidty and early stages of diabetes...
Anywho, I got the cream and I have to apply it twice a day for a week or something. Let's hope that this works!
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Bumping this in hopes that someone else can give you some info.

Hope you find an answer soon Tamme. Keep us updated.
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