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So proud of Conner!!!

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OK, you see, I have had trouble with Conner scratching the kitchen carpet
(I know, kitchens shouldnt have carpet but we are renting a really shabby little house). He is about a yr and a half and when he was younger I got him a scrathing post. It was tall and had a little bouncing spring toy attached wich for some crazy reason, frightened the heck out of him!! Anytime it moved he would hiss and arch his little back,, it was funny then.
So I just gave up and accepted that he wouldnt use a cat post and,,,SHAME ON ME,, let him tear up an inconspicous corner of our mattress because I understand that kitkats need to scratch SOMETHING. WEll, now that he is older he has claimed the kitchen carpet as his scratching ground. So I decided to help him kick the habit. For Christmas we bought him a short non-invasive(hehe) little carpeted cube with a whole in it. Everytime I would see him scratch the floor I would say no-no in a soft voice and take him to his post and pat it and demonstrate with my own 'claws', how to scratch. He still wasnt getting it. So today I decided to break out the cat crack. I have a little vile of catnip that I use to refill his toys. I poured some on his little cube and rubbed it in and removed the excess. He started rubbing his little head all over it and scratching it!!! YEAH!!!!! SO I petted him bunches and tried to reassure him that his scratching was good, but shortly after he discovered that he enjoyed laying on the post and reaching down and clawing the carpet on the floor! Now I just have a cat who is high on catnip,, and being a little monster,,lol. When Conner is in a mischeivious mood(which he is!) He runs around in the kitchen and opens all the cabinet doors!! I go behind him and shut them (he runs and hides while i'm doing this) Then he sneaks back and opens them all again. He is such a little devil!! But I must admit he is the cutest little monster!! Anyone have any other good advice on how to help him learn that he should scratch his post,,grr. Other than showing it to him every time he starts to scratch the floor??
Sorry such a long post guys!!!!
---Stevie(and her little devil-cat Conner)
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If he has favorite "no no scratching" spots, can you cover them up with the two sided sticky tape? or maybe use some foil over them? Hope this helps as Jasper too likes to have a go at the carpet in our kitchen...it is a short indoor-outdoor type that I think they put in the house because 1. the builders wife was too lazy to mop or 2. to hide the uneveness of the floor :-(. I hope this helps...
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I'll move this to Behavior for help with getting Connor to change his scratching ways.

The best way would be to make the scratching post more attractive to him than the carpet. Meaning making the kitchen less attractive. You can try citrus scents (like those little air fresheners), double sided tape as Carol suggested, aluminum foil (make sure he can't/won't eat any small pieces!).
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