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Job news ... and apologies

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First and foremost, I feel I must apologise for unloading all the work problems on you all recently, with what has happened with my illness and my boss and company. Its been extremely traumatic and with the continuation of the stress from them, it made my head pain really bad. I am grateful to all of you for your vibes, comments that made sense in a mind that was in absolute terror and turmoil. Believe me, I could not have got through yesterday (meeting with my ex boss) or today (health meeting with the possible new company) without your help and kind words.
I attended the meeting with the technical director and the lady who would be my boss if the job remained open to me. I went in and told them both what the condition is / was - that I had been in extreme pain at the second interview. I advised that I would have crawled to that interview as wanted the opportunity for the interview. We talked about the condition and how I was 100 per cent differnt now even to the extent that had recommenced building my free flight airplanes. they know am still in some pain, but its nothing in comparrison and is a lot better. We left it there with the tech dir and the woman who would be in touch with HR and then in contact with me. His final words were that he was more than happy - however, I tend not to read into anything and after so many knock downs (mentally) over the years, you expect the worst.
So, 45 mins up the motorway at 80mph and home. Rang the consultancy people who in turn sounded pleased and positive. They agreed they would call me back and did so. Apparently, the tech dir was not happy at his HR dept not calling me quicker as he called them immediately upon me leaving and was roasting them..... .......... For me, I start 24th January and i could weep with happiness. I am exhausted and its been the worst few days of my life - however, I got through it and I cant thank you all for bearing with me and letting me get it off my chest or my mind...
Onward, upward and heres to 24th Jan and my new boss and the new company...
.... and to you all for being there. They say that you can choose your friends, could not ask for a better lot than you reading this.
Love and best wishes
tempted to say blow the headache and have a bottle of wine this evening...
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says it all for me. I couldn't be happier for you.
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I am so happy for you Kev! I will have a drink on you!
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Great news Kev. What an ordeal you have been through, but you made it and now have your new job at last. Congrats!! And best luck at your new job. :-)
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I am so thrilled for you Kev--many many congratulations! Here's to a great 2005 at your new job!

Had to edit this to say--NO APOLOGIES KEV! That's what friends are for.
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Hey, Kev, that's awesome news! And now, with that settled away and confirmation that you start on the 24th, maybe you can get some REAL rest and healing, and be in an even better space by then! Congratulations!
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That's fabulous news, Kev - a new job, and some time to completely adjust to the meds.
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Woohoo Kev!
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Congratulations, Kev!!!

I knew you could do it! Don't do any celebrating that's gonna hurt you in the morning though, lol!
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Congratulations!! What a wonderful start to the new year, after all you've been through!
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Congratulations Kev. I couldn't be happier for you, especially with all that you have been through.
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Congrats Kev! I am so pleased for you
So glad things are finally looking up for you, you really deserve it!!
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yaaaaaay deserve this......
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No apologies needed...nor take em back... LOL! Congrats on the new job!
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Excellent news, Kev!

Congratulations. What an auspicious way to start the New Year:-).

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Finally good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well if you don't hoist a glass tonite-I'll certainly do it for you.
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That is amazing!!! I was really rooting for you, and its great that you have a little time before you start to get a little more rest and let the idea of getting back to work sink in!! Again,,CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks guys - it means a lot after whats happened in the last few months. Its gonna be a couple of weeks where I can finally mentally rest and let the pain, like my previous 8 years, slip away and onward and upward for the future. Just wish something as good happens to you all - morale now has to be... if something in your life is wrong, change it for the better. As Paul Stanley said from the Kiss exposed video said "drive a car with no mirrors, that way you cant look backwards". Also learn this lesson that I have been taught by a dear friend in India who was affected by the recent events. There are two days in the week that you do not need to worry about. The first is yesterday. Nothing you did yesterday can be undone, its passed. Move on. the second is tomorrow. Its not happened yet, so what you worrying about? Worry about today and make the best of it for me. Never live your life saying "if only". If there was cash for every time I had said that, i would be richer than you can imagine. Do it and do whatever it is today. Say you love someone, write a letter - pass a compliment, say hi to your parents, get a new job, just get on and do something and then make the first thing you say tomorrow to someone you know, brighten their whole day.
Good night
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Kev you always have the best advice. Sweet dreams!
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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - you deserve all the happiness in the world kev!
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Originally Posted by mamacat
I am so thrilled for you Kev--many many congratulations! Here's to a great 2005 at your new job!

Had to edit this to say--NO APOLOGIES KEV! That's what friends are for.
YAY for you!!!!
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