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Todays radio question: 01/06/04

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I have to make this one up since I won't be here later to get the real one.

Let's see..........

Do you avoid doctors and dentists??
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Yup. Especially dentists--which should make me attractive in my old age...let's see, where's the gap-toothed smiley...
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Nope--don't mind them one bit...just went to the dentist yesterday for a drilling festival and I have a doc appt. in 2 weeks.
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I definitely hate going but I don't avoid either one anymore. I had to get 2 root canals as a result of avoiding the dentist!!!
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hmmm.... wonder where that question came from?

Don't mind dentists. Avoid doctors at all cost.
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Originally Posted by captiva
hmmm.... wonder where that question came from?

Don't mind dentists. Avoid doctors at all cost.
Gee I wonder where...........
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I don't like doctors (although my knee consultant is lovely - very kind and understanding, putting me at ease!) My dentist is lovely, I have been to the same one since I grew my first tooth, so I don't mind that!! He's a prevention is better than cure type too!!
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I wait until I absolutely have to go to the Doc before I will drag myself in,,,I wait even longer to go to the dentist. I had a really bad experience w/ dentists when I was 11. Had to have surgery on the roof on my mouth,,HORRIBLE pain!!! Then again when I was 13 I had to have a bottom Molar removed because the filling came out and I waited so long before telling anyone cuz I didnt want to go the dentist. The guy beat on my tooth with a little wrench,,, it cracked and my throat and mouth started filling up with blood. He was trying to yank one half of it out at a time. He yanked really hard and half of my tooth came flying out of my mouth with roots attached and landed at my mom's feet, who by this point was hysterical. The whole time I was moaning in pain and the dentists kept telling me,," It's all in your imagination,, your not really feeling pain,, your feeling pressure" I was so mad and I remember wanting to sock the dentist. Afterwards, he was cool and aloof and just pretty much walked out and let the nurse take care of me.---so much for "the dentists is your friend" Ha!
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I'll try to avoid them if possible but that's how I ended up in ICU because I ignored the symptoms I don't think I will wait/ignore it for so long again.
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I don't really mind either, now that I have a "gentle dentist" from the gentle dentle clinic. But seriousely if it's going to help me, then I'll go.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Don't mind dentists. Avoid doctors at all cost.

I'm the opposite... I think I really need to go to the dentist but I'm scared. Although I think I'm mostly scared of the cost, but you can add the pain to it. I hate going to the doctor's but I'll do it when I know I'm sick.
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I avoid doctors. They are too expensive and I don't like to take medicine.
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I love my dentist, I've been going to him since I was a child...I sure hope nothing happens that would cause me to have to find a new one, that would suck. Don't mind doctors too much with the except of the "Women's" Doctor, I hate that yearly appointment and I really need to make it since I missed last year.
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Zack avoids both like the plague. I think he's been once to the doctor since I've known him (4 years). He hasn't been to the dentist since Aug. 2002 Can't seem to get him to go...we paid a lot for his last dental work, so I think he is avoiding the whole thing now.

Word of advice, the longer you wait, the worse it'll get. And--the more it will cost.
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Don't really mind the doctor, though I'm of the "if it ain't broke.." school and haven't been for a looooooooooong time. Dentists are a horse of different colour (apologies to all horses). I have had exactly one that I did not mind going to, and she sold her practice to stay home with her kids -- ten years ago. I tried with her successor -- honest I did! -- and I tried with Rob's dentist -- honest I did! -- but I couldn't stand either of them, and until I figure out who to try next, it ain't gonna happen. Too many bad experiences in my childhood for this to be an easy selection.
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