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New Kitten and Resident Cat Issues

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Well, I love my bengal so much, I had to get another. My current feline is a 6yr old male bengal that was a stud cat, but retired after 5yrs to a loving condo. My aunt was the breeder, and recently she decided to get out of the business to focus on her sheltees. I went on monday to get my second bengal which is still a young kitten. i did some brief reading on keeping them in seperate room at first. Well I came home and sat the carrier down to take off my coat and they met face to face (through the carrier) there was hissing and spitting, etc. He has been in a front bedroom since monday, but he is constently meowing. I figured it was due to him being alone most of the time, so I switched the kitten and the cat, so they could explore and smell. My adult cat still hisses most of the times after I play with the kitten and then com play with him. Figure this would be a good way to exchange scents. The kitten though is still not quite, and I feel bad. When is a good chance for them to meet again. I have also read that you should keep the new kitten in a carrier around the cat for the first day. If I do this how much hissing and spitting should I tolerate.

I just want everyone to get alone,
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I would think as long as they are not harming each other, it is ok to let them hiss at each other. My cats do it for a few days whenever I bring home a new one. Also you could try putting some vanilla extract on each of their necks and by their tails and a few other random places to they have the same scent. I have tried this one and it usually works.

Do you have or can you get a couple baby gates to seperate the cats into 2 different rooms. This way they can see and smell each other and get used to each other but not fight.

Oh also, is the older male neutered? This could be a big factor of it. If he is then he wasn't neutered until age 5 or so right? So he may still have the territorial and marking issues that an unneutered male would. How old is the kitten? Is he fixed yet? You can have that done as young as 12 weeks or so, so I would do that if he is the right age.
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