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A small black & white miracle

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A few days ago, my new neighbor came over worried because her brand new 5 week old kitten had gotten out of their house and was lost. I helped her look for the little girl, gave her some tips, but you could clearly see that she is indeed a wonderful cat lover and she was so upset about losing this one. Seems the kitty had been found in a car engine of a girl at work and Deb said she would take her home and care for her. So, I have been praying that this kitty will be found and have been keeping an eye out. The nights are getting colder, and with the resident owl still in attendance at night, the odds of finding BC were pretty slim. Deb has been coming over daily to walk the property with me and no luck.

This afternoon I was grooming Racer and I looked up to see my Bacardi running across the property with this little black kitty in hot pursuit! I dropped what I was doing, and went towards the lost one, and she scooted under the shed. But I got food out and she was so hungry and she came out, I grabbed her and she is safely back at home now! I was so stoked to find her, as her odds of surviving were not real good
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thanks for that Mary Anne, it was the best news I heard all day! Heck, all week!
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What wonderful news. Glad the little girl is home where she belongs.

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Hissy - I would say a guardian angel (by the name of MaryAnne) was watching over that little kitty! This is such good news and I am thankful that everything worked out for Deb and her baby.
AH...........the old Hissy grab - works miracles!
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Give yourself a paw on the back!!!!!!! I am so happy that you found the little lost baby! You are truely blessed with good luck!!!!!!!
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That's wonderful, Hissy!

I'm so glad she is safe and back home where she belongs.
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From one kitty magnet to another, GREAT JOB!!!


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I absolutely LOVE stories with a happy ending!
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Way to go girl!!!!

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I wish I could have found Jake like that. How I miss him!!!
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What a great feeling that must've been. Good for you!

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Well done Hissy
You are an :angel4:
Mish, Rox and Mon rejoice, over this little baby being safe.

Hugs Tish
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