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Cats with thyroid disease help :)

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HI I'm new on the board my cat has thyroid disease I can't afford the operation hes on a drug called methimzole 10 mgs a day for the rest of his life he does still throw up at times espeically when I feed him to much.Its hard to decide hom much to feed Max,does anyone know of a food I can feed Max without getting his stomache upset hes 13 teen years old thanks amy
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Hi and welcome to the site. I had a cat with hyperthyroidism for a couple of years and I found this website very helpful

If Max has been newly diagnosed it might take a while to get him settled on the medication. My Sophie started off on 3 pills per day, then she was dropped to 2 as her symptoms improved. She got very fat and lethargic, had another blood test and was found to then be hypOthyroid, so her pills were dropped to just 1 per day. This all took several months, but when it was sorted she was fine and eventually died from something unrelated to the hyperthyroidism at the age of 15.

If food is a problem, you need to ask the vet to recommend one, but Sophie was always prone to throwing up, even when her condition was controlled. It might be an idea to have his kidneys checked as well, if the vet hasn't done so already. Hyperthyroidism can often mask symptoms of kidney problems, which then surface when the hyperthyroidism is controlled.

Good luck and stick with it, you'll get there eventually.
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Welcome to the site! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where you can get more help.
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I have a friend who's cat has hyperthyroidism and needed radioactive iodine treatments somewhere between $1000 and $1200. She couldn't afford it so she created a fundraiser by inviting everyone she knows to come to a local bar, with a $10 suggested donation. They played music, and had a magic act (all donated by friends) the bar allowed this to happen on a quiet weeknight, and between that and her website with a paypal link she raised all the money she needed. To see what her website looked like go to http://www.kellyoverton.com/jasper/benefit.htm and she used the services of this group to do the radiation http://www.thyrocat.com/
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What a great idea, Stephen! That's determination for you!

I've heard that the radiation treatments are very successful. Besides the cost, though, they don't seem to be offered in many parts of the country yet.

Maxy, Jan had a good suggestion about checking Max's kidneys. My oldest kitty has kidney problems which cause her to vomit occasionally. My vet prescribed 2.5mg Pepcid AC for her and it has made a big difference. I wonder if this would be ok for Max whether or not he does have kidney trouble. Ask your vet about this.

How much did Max eat before being diagnosed with thyroid disease? Try giving him the amount he was used to but break it up into smaller, more frequent meals over the course of the day - it might be easier for him to digest it this way. Make sure it's high quality food, and consider trying one without lots of carbs (rice, potato) which can be hard to digest. Avoid beef flavors right now, too. See if that makes any difference.

Feel better soon, Max!
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Just Hello and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Hi Amy! Welcome to TCS. Best of luck, I wish I had some advice for you.
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