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Health Queshtion ?

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Hi I was just woundering if anyone new if it was a likely thing for a male cat to come down with feline urinary track desease or is it a reare thing and we just got unlucky with my beautiful JJ I'm asking because I'm thinking of getting another kitty I have fallen in love with a little guy my mother has right now but my hubby is not keen because our JJ got so sick and we will have a hard time if this one comes down with the same prob he is not stinge JJ cost us well over $1000 and my hubby paid it without a winge he did it happily my hubbys a hunny and I can see where he is comming from but I hope if I have some good facts to show him we might just get Georgey porge pudding and pie so if anyone knows how common it is I would aprushiate your help thanks all so would George my new kitty hopefully to be
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Urinary tract infections are not male or female. If you haven't changed your food to a high quality food, ask your vet what would be the best for your kitty. The cheap brands of food are not nutritionally complete and often cause kidney and urinary problems.

I'm sure others will be able to give you more info on this subject!
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Sure hope your new baby will be AOK I have knock on wood not had to deal with...Urinary Tract issues..

*waves to dragon lady* hey stranger!
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Thank you DragonLady I need all the info I can get I really love this kitty and I think after the inishal shock JJ will be a lot happyer to.

I thought mainly male cats got the prob well thats what the vet told us at the time I have no idea to be honest I know very little about it exept that it is horable and makes them suffer terably it is gut renching to watch.

We had JJ on a special dry food for awile but the vet said we could change him back to his normal food after 6 months we kept him on it for about 3 years but it was very costly not that that really maters if it's better for him he will get it and the vet said it was ok for him to go back on the other stuff so now we buy one that says for urinary track heath on the box I know it was some sort of mineral that caused the prob.

The vet also said JJ will not have another prob becuse of the way he has been cut they basicly turned him into a girl dose any of this sound right to you guys.

I thought at the time I had a good vet but now I'm a bit worried should I put him back on the special stuff we only stoped cause it was a bit on the dear side like 16.95 for 1 and a 1/2 kilo's and it is very greasy stuff and it was makeing him fat and I only by what I think is a good brand I get him whiskers wet food and Go-Kat dry food are these good brands ? If not please tell me what brand would be better and if I can get it here I will no prob's.
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Neutered males tend to have more problems with bladder and urinary tract problems, like infections and stones. The only thing my vet could tell me to help prevent the problem is to feed a good brand of canned food. The canned food helps keep the acidity in the urine low, by keeping the cat hydrated, and this prevents problems.

Most vets also agree that it's the food that causes the problem. Your vet can tell you a good brand that's not known to cause urinary problems.

It also depends on the cat, too. I've known people with male cats who have never had a urinary problem. I've also known people who have had cats where it's a cronic problem. It's luck of the draw. I'd say your chances are good that you'll get a cat that won't have problems.

Edit: I just saw your new post. My best friends cat had a sex-change operation as well. It opens up the tubes and helps to keep them from getting blocked. Her cat had it done a year and a half ago and he hasn't had any problems since.
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Edit: I just saw your new post. My best friends cat had a sex-change operation as well. It opens up the tubes and helps to keep them from getting blocked. Her cat had it done a year and a half ago and he hasn't had any problems since.[/quote]
JJ has not had any prob's since his op either thank goodness I really want this kitty and if the worst happened and it did get ill like JJ did we would be devistated part of my hubbys reasoning is because when JJ got sick I was a reck and I almost drove the vet and my hubby nuts I was always there with him and I had wildly bad dreams I would wake up 2 or 3 in the morning fretting and we would have to go to the vet's office so I could sit with him thank goodness it was a 24 hour vet I can laugh at my self for it now but back then I was a basket case I cried a hole heap so I know he is worried about me to but this kitty is so sweet it was love at first site and if anything went wrong we would do what we always do and deal with it as they say were there is a will there is a way I am slowly but surely talking my self into this you know
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Nancy, dry food has been identified as a culprit in causing and/or contributing to Urinary Tract Disease. If JJ were my cat, I'd put him on a high quality canned food, no dry. I'm not familiar with brands available in Australia that are high quality - I know there are some other members from your part of the world so hopefully they'll weigh in with some suggestions. In the US, Whiskas is NOT a high quality food.

As Wodesorel pointed out, urinary problems can exist in both male and female cats and there's no way to predict which ones will get it. If you feed canned food, that will be an important step in helping to avoid this problem in the first place.

JJ's lucky - you sound like a very devoted and loving mom. I hope you'll soon be able to add Georgey as the newest member of your family!
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Just another thought on determining a good quality canned food. Read the label; the things you want to steer clear of are by-products, artificial colors and/or preservatives, corn, wheat (which are used as fillers and are hard to digest).
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I don't think dry food causes or contributes to UTI's, it's just that if a cat is prone to getting them, it is a good idea to feed them wet food instead. Many cats lead perfectly healthy, UTI-free lives on dry food. I am just learning about this too so I am not positive about everything, I just wanted to point that out.
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Originally Posted by Jen
I don't think dry food causes or contributes to UTI's, it's just that if a cat is prone to getting them, it is a good idea to feed them wet food instead. Many cats lead perfectly healthy, UTI-free lives on dry food. I am just learning about this too so I am not positive about everything, I just wanted to point that out.

Emmet had a lot of crystal probelms in November......But hes been real healthy since then...we have him on a mix between perscription dry Hill's C/D (crystal disolver), and perscription Select Care costs a bit more...but it is definitly worth it to see my Emmets beautiful face everyday....and he loves the stuff
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My kitties used to love dry food so I wish it weren't true that dry food contributes to the development and exacerbation of urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Unfortunately, there is much evidence now that dry food is, in fact, problematic, especially if fed exclusively.

There's lot of info on the web - here are just a few sites:
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thanks for all the advice all I really aprushiate it I thought I should let you all know that I will not be getting George I'm not very happy right now so I will sine off but thank you all for your advice I will put a thread in the cat lounge when I am able to type and not explod if that is ever posiable sorry all pritty angry and hurt right now George is ok he has a new home and is being well loved I'll get back to you's in a few days when I have carmed down ok bye and once again thanks I have learned a lot from this thread thanks to all and I'm sure others will benifit from your thoughtfull help and knowlage to
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Hi I posted A thread in the Heath Room and promised I would up date in here so for all you who were woundering what happened here goes.

Ok my hubby would not budge I'm so angry still I can't belive he is being such a sod about it and now it dose not matter either way because my mother found him another home I was so upset with them both I am probable sounding a little childish right now but I feel so hurt and angry I fell in love with Geoge the second I saw him I love all kittys but there was a conection with George sounds dumb I know but there was and what was really strange was Goerge is black and I have a pref for ginger kittys don't know why but I just always have so it was true love and now he is gone and all I have been doing is crying how stupid is that I should have just taken George and told him to live with it I know I probable am comming over sounding like a spoild brat right now but it's not like that I really fell for this little guy I don't think I was asking to much we only have one kitty and I did what I could to find out the odds on weather it was a possability he would get sick like my JJ did (he had Urandry tract desise ) and the odds were in the fav of him not getting crook from all accounts so I don't know I'm just mad and hurt that both of them could be so mean they saw how much the little guy meant to me am I being unfair ? I don't know thanks for listening.
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Oh sweetie I don't think you're being a spoiled brat or unfair or anything like that! You bonded with that kitty--it doesn't sound dumb at all. Sometimes we do have a special connection with a particular animal. It's hard to explain, but I think everyone here would agree with me that it's very real. I'm sorry that you didn't get to keep George.
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Like what Stefanie said, you have the right to be upset. I'm so sorry you could not keep him. Maybe it will nice to visit George. If he is in a good home, you will feel so much better.
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Thanks I aprushiate your suport

George went to a good home so that is some good news the people are really nice and they will take good care of him I am happy about that I just wanted him so much
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I am glad that George found a good home, but my heart goes out to you both, because you two had that certain kinship that must be formed in Heaven, or some other special place. I understand that bond. My daughter brought me a half-grown kitten that she'd rescued, and the cat saw my 7 year-old grandson, and it was the same bond. He named her Icy, and although she lives with me, you can tell that she is his cat. I read that it is estimated that we have 1,000 soulmates in the world, and I feel that some of them are cats, horses,etc. Besides, since George made you happy, you should have been allowed to keep him. You have enough love to go around for everybody, I'm sure, so the others in your life could have afforded to be generous. Although you are angry and hurt, their selfishness caused them (as my grandson would put it) to have "an empty heart" instead of "a full heart". Maybe you will get to keep the next kittycat that needs your love! My prayers and wishes are that it will be so! susan
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Good to hear that George found another home. I hope hubby budges!
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Sending Good Vibes for George...
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I totally understand how you feel. I felt the same connection when I first saw Persil's picture (jennyransom). There was just this amazing pull at my heartstrings just looking at her picture. Again, I too love all animals, but there are just those certain ones that really reach out and speak to you.

I'm really sorry you couldn't keep George, but try to trust that this was meant to be for reasons we cannot always fathom.

Hugs to you from us.
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Nancy, I had followed your original thread and I'm so very sorry to hear this update, and I do know-- god do I know-- how attached you can get in such a short time. I sense George is going to a good home and will send prayers for him and a big, brave hug to you. Of course you started to bond, never any apologies in that.
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I have a hubby whos the same way when i found lil Emma he got so upset when i brought her home ...I said to him i was just gonna get her back on her feet as she was frost bit when i found her ...I did very truely look for a home for her but i couldnt find anyone who would take her so i thought i would get her shots and spayed and then maybe i would get lucky well the day i took her to get fixed my hubby said if your gonna keep her then you best get her declawed as well I i just about fell over ...He and Emma now are the best of friends .....
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I am going to move this thread to Health & Nutrition and merge it with the original. It's too tough to have to jump all over the board if you are following the story.
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Thanks Deb

To all the wounderfull people who have been so suportive abut George thank you so much I am feeling better now he is in a good home I have rung and checked on him a few times and am now satisfied he has gone to a wounderful home they are lovely people and he is really well cared for and loved so all in all a happy ending for George and in the end thats all that counts
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