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car travel

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Older cat cries the entire time we travel to and from our country home. Its only an hour and a half. He rides in a cat carrier. We have tried Rescue Remedy but it hasn't worked and he had a bad reaction to Acepromazine
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The only thing I can think of in that situation is Valerian root or just let him cry. Some cats just never get used to being in the car. You could also try giving him a bigger carrier and put a towel or something in there that is familiar to him.
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I have 4 cats that travel with all of us. The 2 females are ok traveling but the 2 males get car sick. Anyway, the vet gave me some pills to relax them (don't have the name with me) and also try covering the carier with a blanket which will also relax them. I do all these things, including car sickness pills, they still get sick, but at least they are relaxed!!! Oh, also, I read that taking them for small trips and also sitting with them and making it enjoyable helps.
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Every other week I take my Bella (Siamese-very talkative) with me to my boyfriends house-about an hour drive. Until recently she would either fall asleep or talk/whine the whole way. Then I figured she would enjoy the ride more if she could see where she was going. This may seem wierd...but the last few trips I filled a rectangular laundry basket with towels and a pillow just enough for her to see out the passenger side window, and placed her carrier on top (secured with a seat belt). I did not hear one peep out of her the whole trip. She spent the whole time looking out the window at the cars-Oh and she also fell asleep towards the end of the ride.

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