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Dancing Cat

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Whenever I get into bed, or in the morning when my cat comes into my bedroom and jumps on my bed, he starts doing a little "dance." I say dance because that is what it looks like! He pushes down with one paw, then switches to the other, and keeps alternating...right, left, right, left, and so on. I tried to come up with reasons for why he does this:

1) It's an animal instinct denoting security, most-related to when he used to suckle.
2) He's trying to make himself comfy
3) He's trying to give me a massage
4) He's dancing!!!!

Yet another odd behavior, is when I get up in the morning (after the little dancing bit), he waits till I get out of bed, and accompanies me to the bathroom where he will constitently rub his head on my legs (even when I'm sitting...well u know where )! I have found too that sometimes in the middle of the day, when I am walking in the hallway, he'll run ahead of me, run into the bathroom and literally throw himself on the ground waiting for me to follow him!

Another odd thing I noticed, is that when he is trying to catch a fly or when he sees birds at a distance, he meows in a whisper and for some strange reason, in the case of catching a fly, the fly won't fly's as if he somehow "hypnotized" it.

And something which I will never understand, is he tries to grab my legs when I pass him in the hallway, as if he's trying to trip me or trying to get me to stop walking.

Some Facts about My Kitty:
1) He's 4 years old.
2) He's neutered.
3) He hasn't been declawed, and I NEVER cut his nails (is this bad? as he doesn't ruin any furniture, nor does he hurt anyone)
4) I gave him MAJOR attention and he knows it

Anyhow,I write all this in the hope that someone out there will be able to explain my cat's quirky behavior .
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haha - I know what you mean by "dancing" - that's what I call "making bread" I have a pretty good idea it's to say "ohhh, comfy comfy!" or "ohh, I'm so happy and relaxed" heh heh

When he tries to grab you in the hallway - it might be to get your attention to scratch and pet him - my kitties do this, especially when I just finish scratching them, they run to try to catch up with me and grab at my legs when I walk away as if to say "hey!, where are you going?! you haven't finished yet!" Sometimes I don't even have to walk - I'll be in the same place and once they realize that I'm not doing it anymore, they'll try and tap me
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I have heard that cats are showing play behavior when they grab at your legs and ankles. The cats can be given something more appropriate to play with like a ball or a wand toy.
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It sounds like you have really won him over!! The kneading is usually a familiar motion they do when they are happy,sleepy,lovey or even upset. We have one who does this every time he goes to sleep..LOL. They generally rub against you like that to let everyone in the world know that you belong to them. They are putting thier scent on you. I am assuming he is the only cat, so when he pounces on you he is trying to initiate a play session as Lorie said. If his nails aren't hurting him or anyone else, I wouldnt worry too much. However, since he has never had it done, you might want to ask the vet to do it if need be. The only danger is really someone getting scratched or if he scratched himself alot it could do some damage.
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Sounds to me like you have a very nice happy kitty!
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I have to agree with the happy cat scenerio - his behavior is not odd or quirky- he is just being kitty!
I would love to see a pic of this little fellow...his name?

(my atempt at 'cat dancing)
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Wow! Thanks for all the replies Unfortunately, I don't have a scanned pic on me of my kitty, but he definately is a cutey and God knows that I can't live without him. He's truly amazing and very compasionate, not to mention, extremely smart!! Thanks again for all the info and when I do get the chance to scan a pic of Keko (that's his name...along with "Muffin," "Cat" and "Sunshine") I'll make sure to post it here Take care all and hope you have you a good morning, a wonderful day and an amazing night
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I call Scooter, our little Bengal, "Fred Astaire" because he baby dances next to me when he wants attention! It is so cute! Gizmo paw dances in the blanket, and when he does, me points his whiskers at us, and it looks like he is puckering up for a Fluffy fast dances on my husband when he is in bed..... Cinnaomon paw dances whenever she'a around us! Tigger only does this in a blanket, and she usually rubs her nose into it, too!
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Never got the dancing part but I do get massages, she backs up on the pillow behind me and massages my shoulder. I just love my cat massages

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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JoJo - you're lucky! my kitties will do that just to the side of me, the closest they get to doing anything like that is biting my hair
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My cats Sadie and Soltie also do the dance thing (I call it pumping or making a bed). This little dance can go on for some time or it feels that way, especially when their doing it on your stomach. It reminds of what a kitten does when it is feeding off its mother. As for the bathroom thing, I have not gone to the bathroom by myself in 8 years and I'm hoping for at least another 10 years. The only thing I can figure is they have my sole attention, but they usually do anywhere in the house, but they especially like the bathroom, so go figure .

Just enjoy him in every room.
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Angus used to bite my ankles as soon as I walked in the door or got up if I didn't get right down on the floor and pet him first. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was a falling down drunk if they looked up in my windows when I was doing the "avoiding Angus" dance! Now - he generally doesn't bite my ankles - but his does patty pat my face when I'm sleeping so I'll wake up and pet him.

And in the bathroom - well - one habit I don't miss is when he used to get on the toilet seat (behind me) and wait for me to finish....very disconcerting trying to go to the bathroom with fur against your fanny!!!!!

Angus, Pepper, Baxter, Zeke, and Sascha's mom
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Nothing strange about your cat , he just loves you.

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Sounds like you have one happy kitty.

Dancing? My family calls it muffins - I have no idea why. But I do know it represents love, getting is what they did to get milk from their moms. My cats do the dance/muffins circling my lap before they lie down on me, sometimes it takes them awhile to get comfy....but it is adorable.

I haven't gone to the bathroom alone since my first cat many years ago. They rub against my legs while I - um, you know. They all also seem to want to use their box at the same time I am in there doing my thing too. Rubbing my legs while they wait their turn for the box (although I have three boxes for them...they'll use whichever box is in the bath I am using.)

They occassionally swat at me or run in front of me....jumping in my chair or whereever they think I am going to be heading. They know when I get there - they get love.

Enjoy all the attention and purrs, Dorina
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That's so funny. I have an Abyssinian that dances too, but he dances with his hind legs and it looks so funny. He does this when he's real happy and excited. I always ask him why he's dancing. He also gets on top of things sometimes (like your feet, the top of the cat house, etc.) and kicks his hind legs like a dog! I've never seen a cat do this before and I have no idea what it means!
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))))))) How cute!!!! I wish my kitty could dance like that!...maybe I can train him...or better yet, perhaps your kitty and mine could get together and your's could teach him Then again, we all know that cats do whatever tickles their fancy, whatever, whenever and however they want Perhaps that's what intrigues us catlovers most; their sense of independence and their never-exhausting supply of humor Hope you and your kitty-companions have a good morning, a wonderful day and an amazing night )
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))))))) How cute!!!! I wish my kitty could dance like that!...maybe I can train him...or better yet, perhaps your kitty and mine could get together and your's could teach him Then again, we all know that cats do whatever tickles their fancy, whatever, whenever and however they want Perhaps that's what intrigues us catlovers most; their sense of independence and their never-exhausting supply of humor Hope you and your kitty-companions have a good morning, a wonderful day and an amazing night )
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Since this is the first Abyssinian I've owned, I don't know if this is a common trait for that breed. But I have to tell you, he is definitely a very amusing cat. He's been dancing like that ever since I've had him, and I still get big kick out of it. He usually does it when he's waiting for his dinner to be served! I guess he's so happy to be getting his dinner, he can't keep his feet on the ground!
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I love your description of your cat dancing.
We call it kniting at our house. Only one of my cats really does it. Thats Gabby, she also follows me into the bathroom first thing in the morning. I love it. She has a real attitude usually and it is the only time of day that she is very affectionate.
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I recently started an exercise program that includes bent knee push ups. While I struggle at one end, Dani finds my toes and ankles to be excellent targets for grabbing. She's really good at retracting her claws so she's just hanging on... about 7 lbs of weight. I think she's trying to pull me back down, it looks a bit like an offbalanced see-saw

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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That is sooo funny! What a sight that must be.

Which reminds me to use my exercise equipment that I just bought. Yikes. I wonder how my kitty will react.

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Hi and what a beautiful name you have I think your kitty is absolutely 100% acting like a very happy kitty...(the way it should be!)

Murphy and Opie (my kitties) act the same way and do very similar things as your baby does...they all have some things that they do and some of them are just happy (as a pig in you know where) doing nothing at all, but hangin out!

It's just that this way, it's so cunning that their personality will be so gregarious towards you; hence, own you more than you ever been owned before! :laughing2:LOL::laughing2

Love & Hugs,
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IMO the kneading is a hangover from kittenhood and nursing behaviour. Some neutered males will paddle with their back legs when happy, it's an instinctive remnant of mating behaviour.
Re the claw clipping, it's not necessary unless the cat is old and gets no or very little exercise. When you clip a cat's claws probably the first thing he or she will do is go somewhere to resharpen them, in fact adding to the furniture scratching problem if there is one. Clipping merely breaks the outer shell of the claw, the cat will attempt to remove the rest of the casing to expose a nice new claw. Cats shed their claws naturally and fairly frequently - you might at times notice the shell of one where the cat has been lying. It helps all cats and often your furniture to have a scratching post. My cats are indoor/outdoor but use an indoor scratching post quite a lot.
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Thanks for the explanation of the paddling with the hind legs. This is the first male cat I ever saw do this. At least now I know he's not completely crazy! I guess it's nice to know he's happy that often!!

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