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I am so sorry to hear of the passing of another one
RIP little one

sending major thoughts and vibes to the last remaining one - keep strong little one - you have the support & thoughts of the world behind you we are all cheering for you
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If you can find some grapefruit seed extract liquid add three drops to the little one's formula. At this stage, it can't hurt and if it is a bacterial infection that is making these kittens fail it will stop the infection.

Good luck with the remaining one
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Sorry to hear you lost another one. Best of luck with the last one!
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How did it go? Is he still hanging in?
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I was wondering the same thing - hope he's doing OK.
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I am sorry i did not update this morning earlier. Yes, he made it through the night. YEA!!! I did get some grapefruit seed extract liquid and already gave it to him. Keep your fingers crossed. His breathing is still good. Temp is good. Stool looks good. One thing i have not mentioned until now- boy o boy can this little guy burp!!! Its funny the things you can get excited about. 3 nights and 4 days with 3 and a half hours sleep is beginning to wear on me. i have asked a friend to come over after work so i can get a full four hours of sleep in between feedings. I usually can sleep here and there between feedings with an alarm set, but these guys have been so unstable since they came home with me i have not been able to allow myself to do that. Thank you for your advice and support. I will continue to update.
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Glad to hear you still have one hanging in there. Bless you for your love and patience to try and be a mommy to these abandoned little ones. Best wishes and a prayer for the last little boy to be strong and make it through this. Hugs
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What an amazing thing you are doing! Not many people would put their life, much less their sleep, on hold for the sake of these little ones. I hope the little one does well.
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Still sending prayers
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good to hear that he is still doing well and made it through the night. Great to hear that you have a friend coming over so that you can get some sleep - thats important as well - you need to be healthy to help this little one...

thoughts are still being sent your way
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Hugs and thanks to everyone for all of your support. I have slept about 3 hours and feel much more clear headed. Clixpix i appreciate what you said, but this is my life. My heart lies with the special needs of animals, my heart beats for those babies that have joined our family......Penny, 12(one eye intact with cataracts and partially deaf)Melvin, 6 Timmy, 5(partial paralysis of face) Lacy, 3(epilepsy) Indi, 3 Murphy, 2 Donatello, 2 Anakin, 1(chronic sinuitis) Ginger, 9 months(chronic sinuitis) Cole, 7 months. Three weeks ago we lost Kelly, 7 months(FelV+). 9 days ago Regis, 2 followed(FelV+).
We have decieded to call our little orphan "Lucky". Quite appropriate we think. We now begin our fourth night. I am hoping Lucky continues on the path he is on now. The URI has not progressed and he is much more bright eyed. I am comfortable with where Lucky is at now. He still has a long road ahead of him, but for now we are concetrating on tonight. Thanks again for your prayers, advice and support. I will update later.
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Update. Lucky has begun mouth breathing. His appetite has also decreased. I am usually a realist with a hint of optimisim. Well, we need a miracle. I know first hand the devestation URI can cause to an adult cat let alone an infant that is too young for meds. Sorry this update is short.
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I am sorry to hear that he is succumbing. As harsh as it sounds, sometimes it is best to let them go. But again, I have held a few miracles in my hands that the vets had advised me to let go. So, there are always miracles around the corner, let's hope there is one here for this little fighter-
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hoping this one is your little miracle
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Yes, unfortunately severe lack of sleep is something that comes with kittens needing such intensive care. I am so glad you are taking steps in taking care of yourself. It's important that YOU get the rest and care you need, if only so that you can be fully there for the kitten. The GSE is excellent and I'm glad you could get hold of some. It's very hard to get anywhere outside the USA it seems.

Good luck with the little one, sending lots of health and healing vibes for him.
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Quick update. Lucky has quit mouth breathing. He is still sneezy, snotty and eye goobery, but it is not progressing. He is not doing great, but he is not getting worse only a bit better by not mouth breathing. His appetite is a little sporadic, but it is sustaining him. Thanks for all the support.
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Glad to hear he is getting a little better. You are both in my thoughts!
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Just reading this story now. Hang in there little one, we're all praying for you.
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Update. O.K. this is a bit confusing.....Lucky is still not eliminating on his own, BUT we have the beginnings of teeth in front and there was just drainage out of the ears. His ears are opening up! It is my experience eliminating comes first then the ears and teeth follow. Am I off on this??
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I thought everyone might enjoy seeing this little angel.
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AWWWW! What a cutie, so glad he is still around! It is usually in the 2-3 week period that their ears will open.
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That is what I thought, but what about the teeth and eliminating?
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Aaaawww, Lucky is so precious!
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awwwww Lucky is adorable
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The beginnings of teeth (nubs) will emerge at around 10 days. Although kittens may have the occassional 'accident', they cannot eliminate on their own until 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. You can introduce a small, low sided litter pan at 4 weeks.

The ears are fully open at 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Discharge from the ears is not normal, so please keep a close eye on them and take him to the vet if there is further discharge, he is shaking his head or they seem to be bothering him.

On www.kitten-rescue.com, if you look down the left-hand side, you'll see different ages. Click on them to see what the kitten should be doing at each stage.

Lucky is a wonderful and very appropriate name for this little cutie.
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How's Lucky now - we're all hoping it's good news?
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I am sooo sorry I have not updated. I was really waiting for the chance to give a positive update. Lucky is still with us, which to me means he still has a chance. He is not doing well though. There is no way for us to stop the progression of the URI considering his age. I keep his nose and eyes as clear as I can, but there is nothing I can do about the congestion in his chest. Unfortunately, it is a wait and pray situation now. I am sorry I don't have better news. Thank you from the both of us for all of your wonderful support.
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I am sorry I have not posted before, but been too involved elsewhere. I just want to say good luck and I really hope he makes it. He looks like a little fighter!
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Lucky has succumb to the URI and has gone to be with his brothers and sisters.
It has been a long seven days. I would do it all over again without a second thought. I did every thing I could, but sometimes it is just not meant to be.
I appreciate all your support, advice and prayers. You guys are so awesome!!
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oh I am so sorry to hear this news
He was only here for such a short time, but that time was so full of love and he knew that.

you did such a wonderful job with Lucky - we cant save them all unfortunatly

RIP Lucky and play happily and healthly at the rainbow bridge with your brothers & sisters
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