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Deja vu at Petsmart

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I was in Petsmart buying cat food last night, and I always stop at the cats up for adoption for a peek. In one cage there was a brother and sister, both orange, that had to be given up by a sick owner. The freaky part is that the one cat could have been Squirt, minus a few pounds, and the other was a DEAD RINGER for Joey. I have never seen a cat that looked exactly like him. He even had a little black 'crusty' in the corner of his eye like Joey gets all the time. Fortunately, there was an adoption pending on the pair, or I might have ended up with twins.
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Oooh that's freaky Deb!

I hope the adoption for them works out well.
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Then you really wouldn't know which orange streak to blame. Did you leave your name just in case that adoption falls through?
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Now why would you do that Deb? you need another cat to scale your grandfather clock?
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I have had that happen a couple of times and it is a killer. I ALWAYS want to tote them home
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wow.. that would be kinda crazy!!
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Each time I go to Petsmart I check the cats for adoption. I shouldn't as I too want to take them all home. Other day I found 4 that were half Oriental shorthair and half Maine coon! Breeder owned both Mom and Dad and they got together by accident. These kittens were about 4 months and SOooooo playful and full of the DEVIL! I dearly wanted to adopt one of them for my Benji to play with BUT since I already have 4 cats I did not dare. Poor Ben and Pooor me! :-( I just gotta win the lottery and move to a bigger place! LOL!
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I had that happen not to long ago myself! I saw a cat that looked JUST like JELLIE went back the next day but the little dear had blessedly been adopted.
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you should check back and see if they were adopted ...i always check the adoption center at petsmart when i go there and everytime i fall in love with a kitty and everytime i have to leave it there
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That must have been so strange!! Nice though!

I too would leave your details with them, just in case the adoption falls through!! But then you would have to try to remember which cat was which!!
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That must have felt so strange, Deb! Sure hope those two kitties are blessed with a home as wonderful as Squirt and Joey's!
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i have such a weakness for homeless kitties, it breaks my heart everytime i visit the shelter. i try to avoid going but then i can't help myself, and always end up leaving depressed. Let's hope those kitties find a good home with loving parents.
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