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Tumors in the mouth

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My sis-in-law has a beautiful, very loving Abyssinian male around 14 yrs of age, He went up a palm tree about 6 weeks ago, they dang near had to pull him out, his mouth was cut on the side and it was bleeding, sence then he got this big lump beside his nose and under his eye, she has had him to the vet 5 times, they were giving him some shots to reduce swelling, and antibotics. I was there on Monday and I started crying when I saw him he is the sweetest kitty, She said the vet told her she thought it was a tumor on the roof of his mouth, I told her I didn't think it would swell that fast and get that hard if it were a tumor. I told her maybe by pulling him off that palm tree and those are sharp the whole tree, maybe something got shoved up in there, and I think you need to tell her that you want an x ray, I think she should have done that first, I can't beleive she didn't do that, has anyone had a cat with a tumor on the roof of its mouth? I had one with one on the floor of its mouth that I had to have put to sleep, Plus when he sneezes blood comes out his nose, I think an x ray is the first thing that should have been done.
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An x ray may or may not be able to help, depending on what's causing the swelling. The logical explanation would be that the cut got infected and abcessed. It does sound like the current vet is not doing as much as he/she could be. I think I would have them take him to another vet for a second oppinion.
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That's what I told her, I think something is stuck in there or got shoved up in there from the tree, and also my sis-in-law doesn't have alot of money, but she has spent over $200 and its still just as bad after those visits. I think the Vet just doesn't want to do much because of the money, she has signed a note for the money. He has a big gash also on the roof of his mouth...
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Poor kitty is there anyway you can help her and take him to another vet? Without proper treatment, I shudder to think what might happen to him.
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Oh Hissy I know, he used to belong to me and I gave him to her some 12 years ago, I was just sick, I personally don't think this vet is to sharp or just doesn't want to do much because of the money, Do you think a tumor could grow that big in a month and a half, when you know what happened with the tree deal, seems pretty weird to me,I would have to think that he got something in it, his mouth was bleeding when they got him down, and that's when it started swelling (DUH) is what I'm thinking, she was going to ask her or I should say tell her that she wants a picture of it at least to see if and whatever it will show, I told her that's like treating something that you don't even know what it may be, Yes i will find out what that vet is going to do, and see what alternatives there are....Thanks
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This kitty really needs to be seen by another vet. I would think a tumor could be possible, but I agree it's more likely an abscess. Only way to be sure is to have a very thorough exam done by a competent vet ASAP. Poor little guy must be so uncomfortable and painful - how does he eat?
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well actually my sis-in-law does a very good job about making sure he eats and he eats pretty good, still he has lost weight, she makes sure he drinks also if she has to dropper it in, she told me this morning he was eating dry food so maybe he's doing a little better, but she is waiting to hear from the vet about the x ray, I don't feel real good about this vet at all, so we have been trying to figure something out, she is having a tough time right now going through a divorce, plus she has 6 dogs 3 cats and a bird, and not hardley any money, thats what sucks puts her between a rock and a hard place. I just dont think anyone can tell you what it is and I have no idea how the heck you treat it when you dont even know what the heck your dealing with.
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Just to put my 2 cents in here - I really doubt that the cat has a tumor; an abscess sounds far more likely. Even if it is a tumor, the cat will need proper treatment if he's bleeding from the nostrils. Do you have a vet you trust? In such a situtation, I'd make an appointment and take the cat myself, to get another opinion.
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I took my 8 yr old siamese to the vet about a month ago. I've known this vet for years and trust him. Casper had a small tumor on the left side of his gumline by the upper fang. The vet removed the tumor and kept it in case it came back.
As of a week ago, the tumor came back. They sent off the original tumor and we are wating for results. Hopefully it will be back Monday(3/21 or 3/22). He is eating, drinking water but drools when he sleeps. I keep him clean, brushed and as comfy as possible.
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Casper, my Chochalate point siamese went to kitty heaven today as of 3pm CST. Test results showed metastasized malignant melanoma that had spread throught out his entire mouth. He stopped eating and threw up anything he tried to eat as of yesterday around 9am. I had almost 6 wonderful years so please take very good care of your cats everyone.
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I am so sorry it turned out like that, but at least he didn't suffer more than necessary. I hope you get through this bad time as gently as possible.
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