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Welcome Home Felinni...

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Hey all, just a quick update. My computer is on the mends, but it is looking like it might still be awhile till its up and back to normal. The kitlits are good. They recieved a nice new cat tree for Christmas, which Grissom has claimed as his own. When he is feeling particularly kind, he lets Jeter hang onto the side of the perch. Otherwise, Jeter is not allowed on it.

Speaking of Jeter, he is getting a pudgy belly on him, and has almost doubled his size since his rescue. I can't beleive its been over two months already! He has adjusted really well and him and Grissom are the best of friends. Grissom adores him, which surprised me, becuase he HATED Dodge the Destroyer, when we were fostering her. Jeter has adopted the lamb from our secret santa exchange, and refuses to let anyone else play with it. Or, well, whats left of it. His training is going great. He now sits on my shoulders while I am at the computer and has cuaght up with Grissom who will sit, lay down and stay on command. However, he did have a slight relapse last night. It was partially our fault, as Robert left out his midnight snack over night on the counter. I could practically hear Jeter arguing with me this morning when I went downstairs. "no, meowmie, I didn't do it! The hot dog jumped out of the open tupperware container and nibbled on itself. Those aren't kitty nibble marks, I swear!" I couldn't be angry because it really was Robs fault afterall.

As I said, Grissom is doing fantastic. Gaurding his cat tree from intruders. Hopefully, I will develop film soon and you all can see the pics, and some of Jeter too.

That brings me to the newest member of the Krzanowski household, the stray I brought home Christmas Eve. We were tentatively calling him Pedro, but we have changed it to Felinni, after one of the best directors ever to live. His full title is Fergus Felinni Krzanowski. The vet informed us that he is healthy other than a nasty ear infection, which we are treating. And also, that he is probably close to a year and a half old and what we see is what we are getting. What we are getting is a full grown cat who is roughly a quarter of the size of Grissom. He fits in my two hands and it is really quite unnerving to have a cat that little. He looks rather pitiful beside his two BIG brothers. He is really very sweet. A bit needy, but hopefully that will change. He kneads and drools constantly, but otherwise isn't too bad. He is white with a medium length coat. There are patches on him which are blackish brown or striped medium and dark brown. A very interesting looking cat with green eyes and a little squishy looking face. His intro to the other cats went over well. Grissom mostly ignores him and Jeter seems fascinated. One little issue is that he tries to well, hump, Jeter. Hopefully this will be remedied Friday when he goes in to be neutered. Otherwise, all is well.

As for the humans, Rob and I had a great Christmas and a really nice new years. We could see the fireworks from our second floor windows, so it was really cool. We both pulled all A's this semester and are looking forward to next, which will be my last. Not his, as he kept switching his major. We spent this past weekend out Susie's way, looking at Cleveland State and then Kent for grad school here in a year or so. I'm leaning toward Kent becuase it is a smaller town and more what I'm used to. Rob is leaning towards Cleveland State becuase there are more movie theaters nearby. You can see where his priorities lie. Well, I think that is about it and I hope to be up and running again soon. Its really hard to reach the Super Cat status again when you can't be online.
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he sounds so adorable!
well my kitty has to go for his neuter, this will happen after the move though.
dont worry about your posts! as long as you send one, once in a while you will end up being super cat again !
Glad to hear you had a great holiday
and i hope he clears that ear infection real soon
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Good to see you Amber! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Felinni sounds just adorable, and I'm sure his neediness will slow down once he's neutered and once he realizes that he's got a home and people forever.
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I hope so, since it makes it hard to hold him on your lap when he is kneading the flesh right off your legs!
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Nice to see your again Grissom!
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Yup, nice to see you again Amber!
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Amber and family: I'm glad you had a nice New Year's and the kitties are all good. I want to send you Best Wishes for a fabulous 2005!
Elizabeth, Eric, and Sasha
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Best wishes to your family and Sasha too!
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Man, I do love that name: Puffybutt !! How cute is that?!
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