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Do I put him through the surgery or put him to sleep? - Page 2

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that the procedure was successful. I wish Hans a speedy recovery.
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Oh! A sad story with a happy ending right now!!!
I am so happy that your kitty is doing so well now. YOU are a good kitty mommy to attempt everything in your power to improve his quality of life! It is such a sad and difficult decision to have to decide their future, based on the wallet--but sadly enough, it is often the case like this. I did have to put my little Spikey down in August after much, much agonizing thought and consideration... He was in so much pain and was getting more and more aggressive with every passing day. He bit me and I ended up in the hospital with unexpected huge costs with that........ and he still was not improving, despite NUMEROUS vet visits and procedures and tests etc... It was so painful to put him down as he LOOKED so healthy and I loved him so, so much. He was only 22 months old when I had to have him put down. I found him abandoned at age 4 weeks, so I was my kitty's Mommy.
Rest in peace, my dearest Spike Kitty...
I think you did do the right thing, for YOUR situation, and every situation is so different.
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Hans and I thank you all for your kind words and support!!!!!

I let him have full run of the house on Thrusday morning since he was back to normal and I was home to watch everyone. No fights, no gowling, just lots of nose sniffing! (I trust Mer completely and I know he wouldn't attack Hans.) He's eating good, and he's in amazing spirits. He actually spent all of Thursday following me around the house. I really love Metacam. Hans is high as a kite and is acting like a kitten. (The official title for the medicine is now Kitty Dope in our house.) He's even been taking the steps two at a time - which is amazing since he was having so much trouble walking up them before the surgery.

My worries now are that he only has 5 days worth of the pain medication, which was given to him to keep the swelling down more than to stop any pain. I have a gut feeling that when it wears off he'll get really really grumpy. I know I need to get him something for the arthritis, but guess what - my boss just cut everyone's hours at work. So now I have a maxed out credit card, and no way to pay it, on top of Hans needing more help. Sigh... Time to get a second job. Weeee. Hopefully the college is hiring students again and I can pick up a few hours between classes.

I love Hans and Mer and L.S., I really do, but there are times I want to bang my head against a wall and ask why I just had to have three cats.
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Come over here some time and see what it is like to have ten-
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