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My New Year's Eve was awful

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I hope everyone else had a better time than I did New Year's. I had planned on getting all dolled up and going out dancing, drinking, all that fun stuff, with a group of friends, to hear our favorite band.

Well instead I wound up in the ER and spent 4 nights in the hospital. I thought my bronchitis was getting worse, mainly because the fever was getting higher and higher and I was getting 'tingly' and having trouble breathing; turns out it had gone into pneumonia and my oxygen level was down to 83. Heart rate was up, shaking uncontrollably, you name it. My parents rushed me to the ER after I called my mom and told her I couldn't focus and was having trouble taking a breath in. Well I was admitted right away, hooked up to all the IV's and oxygen; and I really don't even remember being taken to my room.

I was so miserable and in so much pain from the pneumonia in my lungs, I just laid there loopy from painkillers while I watched the ball drop. Luckily, I was not alone. My good friend Chris sat there with me the entire time and left around 1am. I even got a New Year's kiss (on the forehead of course since I was sick). The pneumonia spread from my right lung (on the Xray it looked like a giant white hand spreading across the lung) into my left lung, the next day; talk about PAIN. I spent 2 days solidly on Vicodin and oxygen, unable to leave the freaking bed. I finally got off the oxygen yesterday morning, and was released late last night. The hospital was actually overcrowded, and I was sick of being awakened every 2 hours to have my temp & BP taken! Those nurses do NOT let ya sleep, no matter how tired or looped you are!

Anyone else have a cruddy NYE? OR a really good one? My cute little green dress is still hanging in the closet and my camera was all ready to go, to snap some killer shots of us having fun and being stupid. Instead I was gasping for breath lying in some noisy hospital. Bleah. Still recovering, too, I am not allowed to go to work til next Monday.

The cats are happy as heck to see me. Dusty has not left my side; Snicky keeps rubbing his head on me; Zorro is keeping my tootsies warm. Hammie is just running madly through the house, glad to have his momma home. My kitties are great nurses.
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Sorry to hear about you being sick but glad you are better. When you get better and able to go out dress up and try again. OOhh take pictures to we want to see. But for now take pictures of kitties and post for us. get well hugs and vibesss for you.
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My stunk too, I don't really want to talk about it. Not nearly as bad as yours, though. I am SO sorry. This must have been just TERRIBLE for you. Now that you're home, throw you own party. How about some renting movies, and allowing a few friends to come over? Vibes for you, my dear. (((((VIBES)))))
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Yikes! What a way to ring in the New Year! So sorry you were that sick--hope you recover soon.
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That sounds like a terrible NYE, poor thing. I'm glad you're on the road to recovery. Take it easy.
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Awww poor you! Like Tricia said take it easy.

Mine wasn't that great too, it was quiet and I didn't even stay up till 12! Next year I hope for a better one!
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I'm so sorry your New Years's Eve plans were ruined, and I hope you feel better soon! I was hospitalized for 4 1/2 days in early October of last year with double pneumonia and related complications, so I can fully understand your recent experience.
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ew very horrible NYE!
ours wasnt great but we enjoyed watching the fireworks.
i did spend xmas in the hospital to see my mum though,
she was here for nye
I hope you recover fully very soon
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Hope you feel better and find another occasion to wear the cute dress. By the way, I have to defend those's the DOCTORS orders that cause you to be awakened every two hours!!!!! LOL! Try to take as deep breaths as possible and make your self cough, but I suppose you have been told that already!
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Wow, that sucks. I hope your feeling better though, and next year you can make up for it with an awesome NYE.
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So sorry for your sick.... sending good vibes for your soon recovery!!!!
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Prayers for a speedy recovery. I spent Christmas Eve in the emergency room. My wonderful kittys knocked a window fan on to the floor and I stepped right through it. I got 6 stitches and lots of superficial cuts.
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Hope your better soon keep your chin up ok
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OH sweetie, I can say I didn't have a great new year having a chest infection myself, but I think you win hands down I spent my new year dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics - on top of the iron tablets for my anaemia and the anti depressant (I switched to St Johns Wort for a while though. Man I reckon with all the pills I've been taking, if you shook me, I'd rattle!! My son is also poorly so I've been cleaning up puke like it's been going out of fashion So I didn't get a drink, I didn't get a new year kiss, and I was in bed by about 5 past midnight!! My chest has hurt for a while with the infection but I've been lucky and it hasnt' gotten any worse. You and me can be sick together eh? All the best and prayers for a speedy recovery and hey, there's always next year!!
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Yup we talked about getting dressed up and going out later on in the month or perhaps for Valentine's Day. My Xrays this morning were still funky; still a few white spots. I have never been this winded or tired in my life, I think. All of the meds I'm on are messing with my head! Ugh! I just really wanted to blow-off 2004 IN STYLE by having a really fun night. I guess that is the dissappointing part? But yeah I can throw a party here at my house when I'm all better. I have ants in my pants as it is after being bedridden for two weeks from this dang illness that popped up out of NOWHERE.

I did like the nurses there, there was a gal named Aimee on the first shift who sat and chatted with me a bunch. I know it's the docs who force them to wake ya every few hours, and at least the nurses are very kind about it! The last time I spent the night in a hospital was when I gave birth 8 yrs ago, and that was a joyous occasion. I'm just so happy to be home. I missed my kitties, my daughter, my house. My daughter walked out with me (I refused to use a wheelchair to leave the hospital... I was SICK OF SITTING) and she's been so helpful, getting me water and being an angel.

- Steph
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