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The Way A Cat Can Seduce Their Humans...

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I presently work during the evenings. When I awake early I try and take a nap before work and Socrates and/or Tiger will curl up in that cute lil' ball next to me and, I swear, I fall asleep so much faster with them in bed with me.

Now, when I awake, knowing I have to get ready for work they're both laying in bed looking all warm, cuddly and cute and it makes it SO much harder to geyt up and get ready.

Now, Tiger can tell when I'm about to leave. When he sees me putting on my shoes he gets all lovey. It's his way of telling me he doesn't want me to leave, so I end up getting out the door 5 minutes later because I HAVE to give him love. Not to mention, he plays fetch with his favorite toy, bringing it to me and looking at me, waiting til' I pick it up and toss it across the room so he can go get it and bring it back to do it all over again.

Or Socrates will decide to crawl onto Dads lap and lay down, purring away. Then he tilts his head down and butts the top of his head into my face for kisses.

I think this is all a secret plan on their part to keep me from leaving. And it DOES make it much harder to leave.

Another funny thing is, when I first bring someone over, if my cats don't approve I know they won't be friends. One of my friends asked me "What if you meet a woman who really likes you but don't like your cats?"

My response: "It's a package deal. You either eacept my babies or there's the door".
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Oh Meowman....Like I said before....where were you when I was single??? LOL Yes, they do act like that when I try to leave....Merlin especially, since he is my indoor "baby".

I feel like I get more love from him then I do from my husband.....at least Merlin is sorry to see me go, and obviously glad to have me back home again!!
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I write a column for a local city newspaper - it is called Pet Talk. When people call me and ask me to take their cats because their new boyfriend/girlfriend does not like them, I really blast them and tell them to get rid of the new "friend." How could anyone give up their cats who have loved them unconditionally! My husband and I share our love of the cats as Donna and Sandy can attest to - Clint is always walking around with a cat in his arms and he does the litter! I am in heaven, a great husband and 15 cats (not counting the 6 outside cats we maintain with food and vet care).
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All of you are so cool! In case anyone's interested you can check out my yahoo profile to see a pic of me (Socrates is lying on my chest in the profile pic). If you go to my briefcase and to the photo album you can see a pic of both my babies.

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Rene is so right. I have never known anyone as ga-ga over cats until I met Clint and Rene. And, the icing on the cake is that Clint does litterboxes!!! My first question to her was "Does he have a brother, father, uncle???" As a matter of fact, in her mission to play "matchmaker" she knew of someone at work she wanted to introduce me to. The first thing she asked him was if he liked cats. To her dismay, the guy is allergic to them! She wouldn't even consider introducing us. The way my luck has been going, my ship will come in and I'll be at the train station. Oh well! Next....

My saying has always been, "Love Me, Love My Cats". Period, end of discussion.

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Yes, Donna, I agree. I'm a romantic, loving guy, but as most guys I am a mild pig. But, a sweet pig, not the mean, nasty kind. I just love female compaionship (and sex, of course, though it's been so long for me I've become virginal again.LOL) and have been single for 3 1/2 years now now because of my pickiness on the kind of woman I'll date. And the FIRST requirement is: My Cats Come First! Period! End of discussion. If a lady wants to sleep in my bed, she better leave room for the cats, thats all I've gotta say. LOL. My friends know me and know that there isn't a woman in the world that could make me get rid of my babies. I'd just assume stay single and have my cats!
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You just reminded me of a funny true story. I had a male friend over who I have known since I was a kid. He is allergic to cats but every once in a while he'll stop by just to say hi. We are really just good friends although now and again he tries to put the moves on me. I have told him time and again that I consider him like a brother and besides, he's engaged. Whenever he does come over, I have to vacuum my entire apartment to get up all the cat hair and put a sheet on the couch in case I miss a spot. One night while his fiance' was out with her friends he came over to watch tv. He tried his usual "move" on me and I was getting a little annoyed. Rather than create a scene, I excused myself to the bathroom. I proceeded to take my shirt off, wipe the bathroom floor with it (I hadn't vacuumed it) and put the shirt back on. I sat down next to him on the couch saying nothing. Within I'd say 5 minutes, he was sneezing and starting to itch. He was out the door in 10 minutes. I love that story.
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I liked that one Donna!

I'm lucky to have found a cat lover for a mate. Mind you he's a converted cat lover, he didn't like cats before he met me. Like all converts he's turned into a fanatic now He absolutely loves them. He's in charge of the litter box as well - a perfect husband!
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Does he have a brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, or friend that likes cats who is single and looking to date???
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MeowMan....I just went and checked out your yahoo site...I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures! Your cats are beautiful! (Your not too bad yourself...LOL) That is neat to have your picture taken with Steven Speilberg....not many people can say that!

PS I think it is cool that you won't date a woman who doesn't love your cats....it shows you have high standards!!

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Thanks Deb! Yeah, working in the film/video field you get the opportunity to meet and/or work with a lot of people, though that was just a chance meeting with Spielberg. I've met Jimmy Stewart (briefly), Stacey Keach, David Hasslehoff, Terri Garr (She got me coffee in fact), Burt Rynolds, Kathy Lee Crosby. But, Spielberg's my hero, so that was the coolest. That pic was taken when I actually still had hair. LOL.
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