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8 years came to an end today

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Hi guys - well today I went into the office and went to my desk and collected my photos that I have of Carol, Chris etc. I gave my ID back in as well as my car pass and thanked my boss for 8 years that I have been with her. I have worked at the office for that long and not one thanks, designed databases and brought back in millions of pounds, no thanks. Worked in excess of 100 hours overtime some months to assist with massive workload, no thanks. The fact that I have been more than a friend to this person when shes been at rock bottom, no thanks. No card to say good bye, nothing.
She did ask that i write to the top brass and say how great she was as a manager. No concern as to my health - nothing - Talk about insensitive.
Well you put in your 8 years and thats how they treat me.... its kinda dissapointing. Now its tomorrow that I have to take care of - convince the chap that I am perfect for the job and my health is on the up. Tell him I would have crawled to the interviews that I had and I was on a great deal of tablets to get there ....I so badly want the job, really do.
So thats 50% over with, heres to the next 50 tomorrow....
wo just put in 8 years and not even a good luck or best wishes....
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kev when Mike retired early and left a place he had been for 30 years, there was no goodbye luncheon, no pat on the back, nothing. His boss passed him and made a remark that they would have to "do lunch" sometime. But Mike had been talking for months about leaving Alaska after he retired. I was out in the parking lot behind a fully loaded RV with a trailer towing my car, all our possessions were on their way to Oregon and we were leaving!
He was really hurt, because he put his heart and soul into the company and did many outside jobs for people, fixing televisions, stereos, finding lost items with his metal detectors, helping people build houses, doing the electrical work for them- you name it.

He still to this day has trouble reconciling the type of send-off he didn't get. I just told him that he had been there so long that people expected him to still be there. Months later he got a plain manilla envelope in the mail with an address of his old jobsite. Inside there was no letter, no note, just a picture an 8x10 of cake. On the top of the cake it was written

"In Memory of Mike Miller" and the design on the cake was a blue a$$! I had never seen him so broken than when that horrible picture arrived. He never speaks of the company anymore and never seeks out his "friends" he thought he made there.

Just move on with your life kev- and don't look back- apparently it isn't worth it
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jeez Hissy - thats completely insensitive. I guess that companies just dont give two hoots anymore for the people that work for them. Its all about cash at the end of the day and everyone is replaceable. I just wanna get tomorrow over with as the agency called. I just emailed my father the following - see what you think..
Pass on my best wishes to Mike. I am like him and doubt I will speak of the company again- start driving a car with no mirrors - cant look back....

Just had a call from the agency ref meet tomorrow that I have with the bloke who wants to see me.
Am told that he will want to know why the issue of me being off work at the second interview was not mentioned. Only thing I can think of to say is due to the fact that I had started the new medication and was feeling its affect already and due to this, did not feel it relevant. I did not go into further detail when asked if I wanted a drink as was coughing and I said that I had picked up the cough from our son and it had led to a migraine the previous weeks. Nothing further was broached and that was exactly where the conversation stopped.
I am of the understanding that he wants reassurance that the problem is now under control (which it is with the tablets)and also, wants the afore mentioned answered. At the end of the day, I had no idea if I would be offered the job and did not elaborate further on the condition.
I volunteered the information on the health declaration and sent a letter in seperately advising of this and what had happened - ie misdiagnosis.
I need to stress that I wanted the job and still do. He is aware that have finished work and I guess if he now declines the offer, I am up the creek without a paddle.

So what do you think?
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My husband worked for a company 71/2 , the only one to get an award for excellent work and was asked to take a deep pay decrease or leave, so he choose to leave. Didn't even get a thank you, or good bye! He was upset for 2 wks, but has since found work and can only laugh about the poor idiots who still work there. I am sure something better will come along and you will be glad you are not there anymore. Cat
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Good luck with the meeting Kev,

One point I will offer. Be positive about the skills that you have to offer this new employer. Remind them of how good and productive you have been prior to your recent illness and that you are looking forward to getting back to that type of productivity. Explain clearly but don't be too apologetic about what might be an apparent misunderstanding on your second interview. Explain that you thought they were already aware of the situation, and that you did provide the necessary information in a letter and the health declaration. Offer to provide you with a letter from your own doctor verifying the circumstances of your health situation and that he doesn't foresee any difficulties with your ability to work now that you have identified the problem and are obtaining the proper treatment. Many people have chronic illnesses these days and employers recognize that superior job skills, positive attitude and personal motivation more than make up for some of their down times. Go into the meeting knowing that you will be an asset to their company in spite of any health concerns (without being arrogant about it, hehehhe) and it should help to ease their concerns as well. Suggest if they still have some concerns that you would like to try a 'trial' contract period of employment, say for 6 months, after which time if it doesn't seem to be working out because of health issues, then they can notify you that they won't be picking up your full term employment. This provides them with no real risk, and offers you the chance to prove yourself to them.

I am appalled at the insensitivity of your former employer, and while I would be tempted to respond to her request for an email about her performance (but not the tone she expected!), I think it would be better for you to take the 'higher road' here and not stoop to her level. You don't need to contaminate your environment with the energy of people like that.

Good luck at the meeting!

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Originally Posted by kev
She did ask that i write to the top brass and say how great she was as a manager. No concern as to my health - nothing - Talk about insensitive.
I know you are too professional to say what you really felt, but I hope that b@/&% at least got a COLD, ICY STARE from you!
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Hi, Kev.

Sorry to hear about how badly they treated you.

However, I would do something you may not have thought of. If my manager had asked me for a letter of reference, I would use that as a bargaining chip; I would tell her most certainly I would be willing to write one for her, just as soon as she wrote one for me, urging my potential employer to hire me as I was a stellar employee, and that I had contributed mightily to the office, and would be an asset to any company I chose to work with.

I'd make that request, and see what happened. At best, I'd get a letter of reference, which is a great tool when interviewing. At worst, I'd be no worse off than I am now...and I wouldn't have to write a letter to my boss's boss.

Give it a shot; it's worth a try, isn't it?

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Kev, sounds like you're well rid of the place. I wish you luck in your interview, I am sure you will do fine. as for your former boss, if I were in your place, she wouldn't want to hear what I had to say about her insensitivity and selfishness. Best of luck.
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All I can say is, your manager may not have appreciated you, but I'm sure others that benefited from what you did, did. I'm glad you are not giving her more than 8 years!
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It sounds to me like your boss is p.o.'d because she doesn't know how she's going to manage without you! You're well rid of her.
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Kev, you aren't the only person in that work situation- my office is closing Sept 30th. While taking down the christmas tree all 11 of us thought it would be a good idea to take a ornament from the tree as a momento. The branch manager want none of that-donate everything to charity) and who would do that??? This time of year no one wants it. I'm sure this isn't the last of it. So I hear yah!! Good luck with the job interviews. I'm rooting for you.
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Kev, Im sending you all of my good vibes for this job that you really like.
Your ex boss. well we all know what an upnosed brat she is so having a thank you or sorry, would it really be worth it after all the pain she has put you through? well for me an appology or a compliment from her i would throw it out of my other ear because i would know she wouldnt mean it.

Hissy, what they did to mike was horrible! i would be so down from that.
I would make another cake and write, In the memory of this so and so company and to this so and so called "friends" i hope your company gets bankrupted and you all suffer! and then take a shot OF YOU ENJOYING EATING THIS WONDERFUL CAKE!
but to think about it.. why waste your money and paper and postage on butts.

You and Kev are both wonderful people so i highly doubt you would so anything so childish like me

All the best kev, and dont let this company put you down this time
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