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U.S. is now attacking

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Just to let everyone know the US is now attacking and Pres. Bush will be addressing the nation soon.

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yeah - they said that they're taking away the eyes and ears of the enemy (can't see or hear us). They're attacking so far with B-1's, B-2's, B-52's, and tomahawk missiles. I wonder where they're going to strike us next?
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Bin Laden is on TV now. He's making more threats against the US! I wonder if he really taped it today or perhaps he had the tape in advance.
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I think they taped it a few days ago. I can't believe some people actually believe this guy! Bin Laden said that this is a war between faith and infidelity - I don't even know what to say about that . . . I'm speechless! Everything that comes out of his mouth is absolutly rediculous!!!!
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Here is a link to an article that explains a lot and also has the video of pres. bush's speech from earlier today.
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My first thought about the speech was that it had been taped in advance. It came out so soon after the attack, and the speech was so general. It really didn`t have any of the details of the attack. I also think that the backdrop was staged....perhaps to throw off any idea of his present location. at times the camera would pan out to give details of the rocks and apparant cave in the background. Wherever he was when it was taped...he is probably far farom there, now!
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I read the article from the link and it said that bin ladens speech was pretaped
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That the students of the Taliban are being told the wtc attack was a Jewish Conspiracy and assault against the U.S. (sorry Anne, but that is what they said) They were also told that NO Jewish people lost their lives in the attack on the wtc, the pentagon or the plane crash.

I support our need to attack, but I just can't watch it right now.
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I've been watching this since it's started and to be quite honest, I think anything that comes out of his mouth is pure bull...that man knows nothing about the word "truth".

I trust our President, our military defense and the people here in America that we will stand united. We have most of the world behind us. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out why. Our country is and has been on high alert since the attack on the US took place.

It appears that the attitude of this country is necessary to bring these diseased minds to justice. I do believe that whatever it takes, we will do it. Unfortunately, that may mean casualties...however; I don't recall a war ever being held in the name of justice without any. So, so, sad but true.

Both of my nephews are there fighting for this Country. Trust me, I want this to end as quickly as possible.

Love & Peace
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Tiggeytoes, you are not the only one who wondered about the rocks in the shot. It looked like they did it to show a landmark. I wonder how stupid they think our government is! I agree that it looks like it was pre-recorded tape. How could anyone look into those dead looking eyes and believe anything that evil creature says? I just don't understand!!!!
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Was the dispassionate delivery of bin Laden's speech. For a firey terrorist leader giving a speech that is supposed to inspire his followers it wasn't much. This guy looked like an MC on the end of a 48 hour telethon. Contrast with speeches by Hitler,Hussein,even Castro has more fire. Osama looked like he could care less. Too much Hash maybe??
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hahaha :laughing2...Wayne you're so dead on...however, I do think at 6'4 and that skinny he looks more like a crack addict and about as motivated as one. The guy definitley didn't get his degree in political science.
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The tape by Bin Laden was shot during the day time. The attacks took place at night.

One of the pilots from the U.S. said the mission was so easy that it was like a training mission. He flew a bomber plane from one of the midwest states to Afghanistan for the bombing and returned after.

I like the idea of dropping the food into Afghanistan at the same time. Maybe some of the food will get to the starving people.
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Careful there talking about people that are tall and thin. Wayne is also 6'4" and very thin....ROTFLMAO

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Ummm Cat...I'm 6ft4in and skinny too ,but as Barb can testify;there's lots of fire in these old bones yet!!!:blubturq: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

As for the food drops..wouldn't it be a hoot if ol' bin Laden got taken out by a pallet of Minute Rice???? :LOL: :LOL:
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All I can say is "OUCH" and I do apologize, But you guys are toooooo funny LOL...The guy has fried his brains one way or another, I just simply went for the "crack addict" simply because I thought that smoking hash created an appetite. That guy can probably outlive a camel in the desert from the way he looks...Probably part of the insane training they get. Sorrry!

Hey, my x-husband was 6'4 and 165 that's thin too! LOL...My boyfriend now is 5'8 and 270! LOL...Quite a big difference. :laughing2

:laughing2 Wayne, the minute rice thing would be so ironic! That would indeed be a historical moment :laughing2

Love ya's
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I believe I heard that one of the things bin Laden said was that the Muslim community should unite. On that note, I agree. All peace-loving muslim's should unify and stand up to this wicked and evil man and say "no more!"

Love to all,
JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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So true. JoJo! I read somewhere that during world war II they collected scrap metal to use for ammunition. My mother told me that they even gave free admission to the movies for the kids who brought in scrap metal from home. There is a lot of scrap metal in New York that would look just great with Bin Ladins name on it. I think that is an ideal use for it.
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I watched the news last night and they were talking to a man from Afhanastan(I can't spell it), and he was saying how the Taliban is as cruel as the Nazis. Most of the armies consist of kidnapped young men who are forced to fight. This man's nephew might have been kidnapped and the boy's parents are in Pakistan. It is really sad. If they are killing the innocent, peaceful muslims, then they should be stopped as soon as posible. Wasn't there a promise that horrors like the Holocaust will never happen again? Well, it happened with Kuwaitt and now with this country. Well, at least most of the other countries are supporting the U.S. and not those countries. I think they are only two.
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Many of our problems are compounded by people in other countries that sympathize with these terriorists. They open their homes and wallets to support "the cause." They carry out orders to commit murder and sometimes their countries just turn their heads like nothing is happening.

What I don't understand is why when they come into our backyard and kill innocent people, it's religious and when we answer in the only way they understand, we're suddenly terriorists? Excuse me but you are getting what is deserved. When we left you alone, you attacked us overseas... you attacked embassies in Africa, a ship at sea and now you've come on our shores with your attack. I have no sympathy for you or those who help you train others to kill innocent people for your "so-called" cause.

In America we settle most disagreements at the ballot box, we are free to argue and disagree and we have a mechanism to make changes, we don't need to kill each other for our causes.

We are angry bin Laden, and when angered, this nation will exact measured vengence, the likes of which you cannot imagine. 6000 souls call for you, I hope you answer soon. We are also putting future bin Laden's on notice. This stupid killing in the name of your religion must end. Stop killing the innocent!

That was long, I'm sorry but I'm still a bit bitter about this.
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:girlie: :blossom:
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