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New kitten!

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around for a while. I rescued a stray kitten the other day that some drunks were being mean to (kicking ect.). He is so cute a clasic black & white Sylvester type and so loveable to; he's a shoulder cat. Anyway there is one thing, he has a deformed bottom lip. The lip looks as if it has been skined back from the gum, one side a 1/4" farther than the other, exposing his bottom teeth and gums. It also looks as if he may have had a small hair lip on one side of his top lip that has grown together so that it only looks like a C shaped curve in his lip. It all looks like something he was born with and what I was wondering is if as he grows up (I think he's about 4 weeks old) will this cause him any problems? Does anyone know if this kind of deformity is common? Oh well, I thinks he's so cute anyway and it's not that noticeable right now because he's so small but I think it may be as he gets bigger. Hugs & Kisses, Larissa.
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Buttercup - what an angel you are for rescuing this little guy!
I don't know the answers to your questions - but I think that these individual traits make us all more interesting.
Good luck with your new little love - any names yet?
Give the little one a big kiss and a kitty hug from us all!
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So far his name is Bink but that's liable to change. Any suggestions?
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Awww, poor kitty! Why do people do such ignorant things? I don't know if the deformity is common or not, but the kitty sure sounds cute!
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I like Bink. It sounds like he just appeared out of nowhere with a little =bink!= noise. It's cute. Or maybe you just appeared out of nowhere to rescue him. I'm sure you are his angel . . .

When you get him vetted, you could ask about that. In people, a harelip is the same kind of developmental problem that causes a cleft palate, just not as severe. So he might have other problems that only a vet would detect. And I'm sure there are folks who do corrective surgery if that's the case, though you may have to look pretty hard for them.

Happy Bink!

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Going to put this in the health forum as there are many knowledgeable people there that might help you. Thank you for rescuing this poor kitten.
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